Increasing views on Instagram videos has always been something everyone strives for but ever since views are displayed publicly, the need to have as many as possible has increased.

Instagram, in the modern age, is a means of fame and popularity, whether for individuals or for local, national or international companies wanting to promote their brands. The sole key to this popularity is views so the aim must be to get as many as possible. There may be no definitive way to ensure maximum views but there definitely exist several ways to increase the likelihood of it. That should be enough. Right? So, here are several tips to keep in mind when posting videos if you want to go viral!

  • Make sure your Bio is interesting and complete:

Make your profile as interesting and detailed as possible. The viewers always want to know who they are following. Also, try to add as many of the hash tags you use to your Bio. This would help attract users who share interests similar to yours or those searching hash tags.  For those who want to know more about you, add a link to your site in your profile.

  • Be an active follower and viewer yourself:

If you want followers, you need to follow too. If you need views, you need to view other’s posts too. It is as simple as that. Instagram is a means to connect with others and the wider your network the better. Follow others (especially those who have communities that are relevant to your profile) so that they follow you back. It then makes it more likely that they would view, like and share your videos. So, do not just sit and wait for views. Get active!

  • Use Hash tags:

Hash tags in social media exist to organize and categorize online content. Users search for people or content they wish to see by using ‘#’. Posts and videos with popular hash tags are more likely to be searched and thus viewed by more people. Include more than one hash tag, including popular ones, if you wish to create one of your own too so that it can still be searched by possible viewers, but do not use too many. That may make you look too desperate

  • What are you posting?

With Instagram growing to be one of the most used social media application and with millions of users, competition has increased. Make your posts different and attractive if you wish to have viewers. The key is to ensure that your video stands out. Although you need not to spend time and money making your posts professional, try making them catchy by keeping colors light rather than dark and avoid an excessive use of filters. Using people in your videos is also another technique that would help attract viewers because it has been found that people find characters and figures attractive.

  • Post videos at peak hours:

Majority of the viewing occurs right after posting and therefore posting at the peak time of activity could mean more viewers. So knowing the peak hours of activity of your audience would definitely help.

Getting many views on Instagram videos is something everyone wants and there could be nothing better than several tips that might just make increasing video viewers more likely. So, follow the tips above if you are looking for ways to get maximum viewers and get famous!