Cardio workout is an important and essential part of martial arts training. It helps improve your cardiac and breathing performance which is required in martial arts. These cardio exercises are aerobic and anaerobic, but the intensity is high which also helps burn fat effectively. Besides the skills, great stamina and endurance are required for every martial art form. 

Either you are an MMA artist or wrestling practitioner, either you are a child or adult, male or female endurance training is a must. Some get the wrestling singlets for adults and kids from Elite Sports and explore more for other martial arts gear and apparel. Let us now have a look at some workout to improve your stamina and endurance.

Running Uphill

You would need much more energy to run uphill than just running straight on a plain surface. This increases the efficiency of running and increases your endurance. While your legs are working hard to get you up the hill against gravitational force, your strength and stamina is also improved in the process. 

Interval Training with Running Sprints

This is like a high-intensity interval cardio training where you sprint for some sets amount of time followed by rest or low-intensity cardio exercise. This increases the muscles’ strength and lungs capacity to work for longer at its best. When your lungs can provide oxygen to the body well enough when you are giving all you have, the performance improves. Where your endurance and breathing is improved, there is another benefit. This exercise burns fat quickly and efficiently to get you in the best shape. 

Here is a sample workout that you can do even at home during social distancing. Start with a slow but steady run or jog. After every 10 seconds increase your pace and keep it increasing for 30 seconds. Then take a 10-20 seconds rest time and repeat the same workout. Seems boring? Switch to some other cardio exercise after a rest period and follow the same increase in pace. 

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is another aerobic workout. The special thing about it is that it seems fun and easy. But a few minutes into the exercise and it starts to feel intense. Jumping rope is a great exercise to improve your endurance and performance. It strengthens the legs, heart, and lungs so that they can work at their best even when tired. Besides that your core and arms are also being worked on. With so many muscles and such intense exercise, burning fat is much easier and faster. 

Jumping rope is said to make our rhythm, speed, body and mind coordination better. To begin, start at a normal pace. Once you get used to the workout, gradually increase your pace. Go as fast as you can to maintain the pace. For a change you can try different patterns and increase the time duration. 

Circuit Training

Circuit training is efficient and an excellent way to improve our strength and stamina. A few high-intensity upper body followed by lower body aerobic exercise that works on the full body would make a complete circuit training. Be sure to keep the intensity high, and the rest periods short between exercises. Start doing circuit training with your martial arts training and your endurance will be definitely boosted.


Swimming is an exercise that also focuses on the complete body as well as pumps the heart. One of the best things is that during summers you will enjoy it. Swimming can either be a part of your martial art training or you can do it just to freshen up. Swimming pushes you to your lactic limits, increases lung capacity, strengthens the muscles. 


Burpees are another exercise to improve your muscle and cardiac strength as well as improve muscle endurance. You don’t need any weights or machines to do this exercise. Everyone knows how to do a basic burpee, but you can add things like high knee jump, single-leg squat, alternate arm pushup, star jump, etc to it for a change and higher intensity. 

Overhead Press

Coming on to the weights, the overhead press will strengthen deltoids and shoulders giving good upper body strength. This will help you keep the arms up and make a solid guard for longer and better. 

Pullups and pushups

Pullups and pushups are great exercises to increase upper body strength. Not just the arms but back and chest too. To take the intensity up a notch, add weights and resistance to the training and try different forms. Inclined, declined, and one arm pushup are some variations you can try. For pull-ups, hang some weight with your body.