In the 21st century, an era of revolution, many things change and with changing time, the thinking pattern of humans is also changing. People are now more accepting and appreciating these changes. Especially in India, with a vast orthodox society, there are so many things that are still considered taboo or a topic that should not be discussed openly. Infertility is one of those topics that should not be discussed openly. Female infertility or male infertility both are considered shameful. Infertility is something a less known topic, it means people don’t discuss it until they are facing it. In our society, it is expected from everyone that at a certain age they should have 2-3 children. And if you fail to do so then you will somehow feel isolated. Especially with women who face such problems have the maximum chance of getting criticized by their families and in-laws.  But in some scenarios, people got support from their family and friends for choosing options like IVF and all. And with good support, there is also a high chance of successful IVF treatment. 

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Now in further blog, we will discuss the problem that is facing someone who is going through this situation.

People who are struggling with infertility wouldn’t feel isolated if the topic of infertility was better discussed and understood and if they support others who are facing such a situation. So, why it is difficult to discuss and understand infertility; here are a few reasons.

1. An uncomfortable matter to discuss

Talking about your reproductive parts openly is not an easy or a normal thing to do- neither who is listening nor who is telling. But when such a situation occurs it is necessary to open up about your body parts. But in some instances, it is a challenge to open up about your body part because it makes other people uncomfortable.

We all know how we get pregnant, but it’s not something we talk openly about. But someone who is going from IVF treatment will be going to say such terms like ovaries, egg reserves, testicles, sperm counts and semen.

2. Lack of knowledge about the topic

From the very start, we were told and saw lots of ways to not get pregnant. We are taught about hundreds of ways like birth control and protection. We hear incidents about teenagers who get pregnant and their life and their career get destroyed after that thing. All these things that we have heard about getting pregnant make us assume that getting pregnant is an easy task. And we don’t have an idea what to do if it’s not easy like it seems or we don’t know how to deal with it if we fail to do so? It is not necessary to teach high school children about infertility, but there is a need to spread awareness about this topic.

 3. Infertility is treated as shame

First Step

Humans are biologically made to reproduce. In many religious books, you can see that reproducing is considered one of the main moto of human existence on earth. When something that should happen naturally doesn’t happen then it can be frustrating for anyone. 

Infertility is something that can make you feel less as a person. You start comparing yourself with others and start blaming your body and your fate. That’s why infertility is considered a shame.

For those who have babies naturally and easily, for them it is difficult to understand how someone cannot have a baby? People who didn’t face such a situation believe that someone who doesn’t have a baby, maybe not trying properly or trying too hard and needs to relax. And that’s the main reason people who are facing such issues don’t discuss it with anyone. Fear of being and judging and misunderstood is what stops them from being open up about their problems. 

Now there are some ways by which we can spread awareness about this topic.

  1. Start listening and stop being judgemental. If someone is telling you about your problem and share their experience with you, please try to understand what they are going through. Try to reduce their stress and make them happy. If they are opting for the IVF treatment then there is more chance of successful treatment for a happy and healthy person.
  2. Share your experience about your journey, maybe your story will help someone else who is facing the same situation.

Stop feeling ashamed of infertility, consult with a specialist and with a proper consultation at First Step IVF, you can plan and start your treatment accordingly.

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