We can make a huge list of a wide variety of plants and their products, which are beneficial in our daily lives. Plants are smarter than we think, there are many more details about plants we don’t know yet – until today.  

Let us learn about some interesting and amazing facts about the plants. Here we go!

Plants play a primary role in our life. We cannot imagine the existence of life on this planet earth without plants.  They play an important role in the source of food. There are many living species, including animals, birds, insects, honey bees, bat, etc. depends on plants for their food.

We, humans, are almost dependent on the plants for food and all our daily needs including the food, clothes, medicines, species, shelter, and also the air we breathe. 

Apart from these basic needs, plants also protect our environment as they play an important role in soil erosion, contribute to global warming, balances oxygen and carbon level in the atmosphere, and a lot more.

Fact -NO – 1

Plants are the only living species on this planet that can manufacture their own food and this is mainly because of the presence of specialized structures in the plant cell. Plants are called producers and are placed at the first level or the tropical level of the food web.

Fact -NO – 2

Fruits are the most nutritious and delicious gift of nature. There are a variety of plants and trees on this earth, which are great sources of different types of fruits

vegetables, beverages,  essence, seeds, species, edible oils, and other different varieties of food products. 

Fact -NO – 3

Among all the available plant species, approximately 40,000 – 50,000 species or a quarter of all plants on this planet are flowering, which bear healthy and beneficial fruit, seeds, and provide flowers, nectar, and honey.

Fact -NO – 4

The Amazon rainforest also called the world’s largest tropical rainforest is known for the largest producer of oxygen in the world. Amongst all the tall trees, Australian eucalyptus, which is over seven hundred species are considered as the tallest tree in the world. According to the records, the Australian eucalyptus was measured to be around 430 to 435 feet tall.

Fact -NO – 5

Plants are a great source of medicine. According to history, many infectious and dreadful diseases were cured with the help of medicines prepared or extracted from the roots, barks, and some leaves of different plants. 

There are a wide variety of medicinal herbs, which are grown, cultivated, and developed in huge quantity for the pharmaceutical uses. what are herbs?  Herbs are short plants, with green and the delicate stem. Grass, mint, and wheat are a few examples of herbs. Banana plants are the largest herb, which contains a natural chemical that can make people feel happy.

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