How much would you offer me if I ask you for an eye? What about one leg? Or would you give me your hand if I offer you $100,000 right now? Of course not. Good health is the most underrated factor when it comes to success in life. 

Health has a direct impact on a person’s success. 

The world is moving pretty fast. And if you don’t care about your health, it won’t matter how successful you are at the end, you’ll regret it more than anything else. 

Human species is one of the most beautiful creations of GOD. Can you even imagine using your body every day and not paying any rent for it? Well. There is a price that you pay when you don’t care about this body of yours. And that price is paid to your family doctor, or in some cases a specialist. 

There is a selfish world out there, and if you want to succeed in this world, you must take things into your own hands. 

Just like everything else that is part of your life, your health is something that will keep you going till the end. 

Is there any connection between your success and health? A discussion

Success and health- Exploring the link

If you are doubtful about the blessing of your health, visit your nearest hospital and see how people are living their lives. Most of the people there had dreams. Dreams that they could’ve achieved if they took care of their health. 

How would you feel if at the end of your life, you have money, family, time, but you are not healthy? No one wants success without health. 

There is a direct connection between both of them. 

Success without health is like going on a vacation without your family. Regardless of where you go, if there is no family, how will you enjoy it? 

In his book, ReSYNC Your Life, Samir Becic shares some mind-altering stats

  • In the US alone, more than 70% of the adults are diagnosed with a chronic disease and more than 75% of the nation’s healthcare cost is spent on treating these conditions. 
  • More than 80% of Americans use weight loss products, yet the USA is at the top when it comes to obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. 
  • An eye-opening conclusion tells us that most of these chronic conditions can easily be avoided with a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stress, anxiety, or even another small unheard disease, everything can be controlled if you adopt a controlled lifestyle. 

Being successful in life is not just about earning a lot of money or having a happy family. The most ignored part of success is health. And people realize this once they get old when illness strikes them. Just like my friend Joe. A successful lawyer one day and a dead person who suffered from a heart attack the next day. 

Life is still a mystery for many people. So, it is rightly advised that you take things into your own hands. Just like success, you need to take care of your health. 

Behind the curtain secret of Superstars 

We live in a world where people follow the footsteps of movie stars. Not just follow, they feel proud of walking in their shoes.    

But have you ever noticed what the one common thing between all the celebrities other than hard work is? 

Yes. They are all healthy. Apart from nutritious eating, they all work out in the gym every single day. 

The reason behind this is that when people stay fit, they can give their full potential to their work. 

Everyone wants to look healthy and happy and young, and for that, every movie star has either hired a personal trainer that keeps them on a strict and healthy diet, or they work out every day like hell which keeps them on top while they act in the movies. 

Is there any connection between your success and health? A discussion

How joining a gym changed my life?

I still remember the days when I was fired from my first job. The day I was fired, I was desperately looking for a distraction. My friend advised me to find a gym and focus all my energy on developing a healthy body. After some research, I found the best gym in Nottingham and started the workout the very next day. 

Just after two months working in the gym, I came across an idea for an eCommerce business. I picked two friends and started my venture. I continued my gym for straight three years. 

Every day I used to work like a devil and after the day’s work, other than the startup mantras, the gym was the only thing that helped me cope up with all the worries, anxieties and restored my energy at night for more work. 

So, yes, I believe that there is a direct connection between staying healthy and being successful. 

When people exercise and eat healthy daily, they tend to feel better about themselves. And do you know that regular exercise gives a sense of achievement? Even when nothing else is working in your life, there is something every single day that you can do without judging yourself. 

Moreover, when you go to a gym, you’ll make friends. These friends might help you to get the next big contract, or to land the biggest client for you. 

There is an endless amount of benefits that come along when you plan to control your life and stay healthy. Being successful is part of a good mind, body, and soul. 

In a Nutshell

Going to the gym every single day will drive you out of your comfort zone. Moreover, you’ll build a habit of doing something healthy every day.

A healthy body will give you a healthy mind and a healthy soul. And we all know that to succeed in life, a healthy mind is an essential requirement. 

Ignore the past. Whatever you’ve done cannot be reverted. But you have the power to take charge of today. Enroll yourself in the nearest gym and consult a nutritionist for a healthy diet plan.