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Winter is giving me a sign

Amp up the layering game, fashionista you will be fine! ~sarawrite4u

Layering clothes can take you back in time to the dreary school days. Whether it’s the Parisian models on glossy magazine covers or the hipster blog that you secretly follow, deep down, everyone wishes to be that fashion-forward. 

Since winter is the official season of wearing your entire wardrobe at once, we realized that our readers might want to find some of the successful, Instagram-worthy layer combinations to keep the likes rolling. 

Piling layer upon layers of clothing may seem like a daunting task, but understanding a few key concepts is all it takes. 

Here is a list of handy layering techniques that will help you keep the shivers at bay while also saving you from a frumpy look. From classic OOTD shots to the hashtag wanderlust posts, this article will help you win the Gram. 

Without much ado, let’s jump right into the pile of jackets, flannels, and fuzzy socks.

How to layer an outfit:

Layers of a winter outfit can be divided into three distinct parts. 

  • The first layer is supposed to be well-fitted and hug your body in the right places. This layer peeps from the hemlines, cuff, or sleeves. If you live in an icy area, then silk or wool would work best for you. 
  • Next in line is the middle layer. Comprised of fascinating, fashion-forward elements like crop tops, vests, and sweaters, this is where the textures come in. You can use more than one layer in the middle to add a little oomph to the outfit. Contrasts begin here.
  • Last but not least is the outer layer. The layer of length, coats, and jackets. This is the most exposed piece of clothing and must have a length that suits your overall outfit.

Now that we have established the basic rules of layering, let’s explore each one!

Play with the right colors

Choosing the perfect color scheme for your winter outfits is pretty much all it takes to make or break a look. 

Piling multiple chunky pieces that clash colors would make you look like you have spent the last week on the sidewalk. 

Pairing monotonous neutral pieces or maintaining a silhouette through breaking the color could work wonderfully well. 

Let’s take a look at our beloved former Spice-Girl and forever inspiration, Victoria Beckham.

The combination of a navy turtleneck and black trousers, along with a khaki coat, has created an exquisite and subtle look. This is an outfit perfect for the corporate queen, the base, and also the student body. 

Layering Tricks That Will Help You Outsmart the Winter season

This simple combination is ideal for the days when you want to feel invincible and experience the thrum of adrenaline in your veins. From meetings to date nights, the colors of your layers play a significant role.

The Beckhams are known for their acute sense of style, and the next outfit by VB is second to none in its grace. 

The dress is a pop of bright colors in the monotonous cityscape of Manhattan. The burgundy and sky blue combination is perfect for a romantic evening in a posh restaurant. And the yellow shoes are, of course, to die for!

Pile textures instead

Dressing up in winter layers is like a game of Jenga, one wrong move, and you lose. Since we have already told you to avoid piling all the chunky pieces at once, here is how you can stop yourself from freezing while looking like a model from Vogue. 

We studied a couple of designers and realized that textures could be used to complement one’s physique and reflect on their fashion sense. 

Starting with a singular statement piece and then coordinating different textures works with precision each time. 

Whether you want to go the Kristen Bousquet way of wools and warm colors or go for the Kendal Jenner way of the straightforward, studded leather jacket look, the choice is up to you. 

Remember that the bolder the style, the more confident you seem to an outsider. Winter is the time to shine brightly beyond the Christmas lights, after all.

Layering Tricks That Will Help You Outsmart the Winter season

Shuffle up the lengths

If you wear all of your winter layers at the same length, then it would get hard to differentiate yourself from a ball of snow rolling down the side of the hill. 

Winters may ask for several layers, but that does not mean that you must let go of your ideal silhouette. 

We know that many people feel insecure about flaunting areas that they consider troublesome. We believe that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but there’s no harm in concealing something if it makes you feel better. 

There are many styling tricks to help you cover up the problem areas on your physique and make you feel empowered.

You can drape your jacket to broaden your shoulders and transform into a fancier looking version of yourself. This would help you stay warm but also make your waist look slimmer by taking attention to your shoulders. If you want to flaunt your toned legs this holiday season, after squatting on Beyoncé songs for months, then the Shay Mitchell inspired long cardigan and mini dress the combo made just for you.

Layering Tricks That Will Help You Outsmart the Winter season

Accessorize appropriately

Once you have picked out all the layers for your outfit, it is time to add accessories that polish your overall look and add a touch of finesse. 

Winter accessories usually include bold and beautiful statement pieces such as silk scarves, leather jewelry, esoteric boots, and luxurious bags. If the length of your coat sleeves allows. Then you can add leather opera gloves to your hands. Or you can break the seamless sea of monochromatic fabrics by choosing a bright plaid scarf and draping it around your neck. 

Looking at the images attached previously, it is easy to infer that adding a reliable accessory such as a belt, a pair of yellow heels, or belt to cinch your waist are subtle adjustments that can take your OOTD from zero to ten in the blink of an eye. 

Here is an image of Bella Hadid in a bright jacket and Prada bag, balancing out the entire outfit.

Layering Tricks That Will Help You Outsmart the Winter season

Final Takeaway

Once you begin to understand the basics of the art of layering, you can keep trying things until you find the combinations that work best for you. At the end of the day, it’s your self-confidence and positive thoughts that make you look. All else is just fabric.