We all quite know what’s currently going on in the world. With the number of COVID-19 cases soaring, every now and then, the concept of celebrating birthdays seems to have vanished. None of us saw that coming – the concept of celebrating birthdays virtually. Having virtual get-togethers, cake-cutting ceremonies, and setting up a karaoke/game night – doesn’t sound that bad…what say? Maintaining social distancing and staying indoors is the need of the hour and that would in no way mean to compromise on our party mode, so let’s celebrate a lockdown birthday party to remember till the end of time. And spread the loudest birthday cheer to our friends and family. 

  1. Bake A Cake – What’s even a birthday party without a cake? So, get ready to don your pastry chef’s hat as we pour our love and best wishes and present it as a delightful birthday cake. You can look for some recipes online and get the ingredients, a day before from your nearest supermarket. But if you aren’t so sure about your baking skills, then you would probably like to order cake online. And if you’re ordering it online, then make sure to opt for midnight cake delivery in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi or any other city, that you are residing in amidst the Lockdown period. Just when the clock strikes 12 at night, your baked token of love will leave your loved one surprised to the core. 
  2. Curate The Birthday Party Special Playlist – Do some dancing as it’s a birthday party! We bet – you can’t have a party without some music in the house. So, pull in, pull all in your family to dance their heart out in the honor of the birthday boy or girl. Shortlist the number of LIT songs that you and your homies want to dance to. You can look for an already existing birthday party playlist over youtube and other music apps. 
  3. Bring Restro-Bar Setup Indoors – Good food! Good mood! A day prior to the commencement of the birthday party, plan the party food and drinks menu. Say cheers to the life of your loved one as you call for a drink or two. Not necessarily a hard drink is what one needs to party over. One can prepare some smoothies or shakes or get some Cola delivered at their doorstep. As per the food menu is concerned, it could consist of tradition, home-cooked food, or you can look for some recipes of exotic dishes online and try to cook it, on your own. Make sure to add a dessert option to pass your love in the sweetest possible manner to the boy/girl of the hour.
  4. Plan Some Fun Activities –  You can arrange some fun activities like a karaoke night and invite all the loved ones of your video call to play it along. If you want to make it more of a family affair, then go with a movie marathon, all night long. A Netflix or an Amazon Prime subscription would help you curate a movie list of all your favorite genres. Get your bowl full of popcorn ready and get, set, go! 

So, this was some ideas to celebrate a kickass birthday party indoors amidst the global pandemic situation. Don’t let your emotions get infected due to this virus! Have a fabulous offbeat birthday party at home! 

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