Packing is the most difficult task when it comes to moving. The packing helps in transporting the stuff safely, therefore, you should pack boxes correctly. Having an improper packing means you are pushing yourself in a big problem. So make sure that you do not make any mistake while packing. 

Have a look at these commonly occurring packing mistakes that Moving Relo suggest you should avoid!!!

Not knowing your needs 

Not knowing how many boxes of what size you will need before start packing will make the complete process disorganized and stressed. So, first of all, consider your box needs. Many packers are not able to estimate the number of boxes accurately ending up in packing too much stuff in a box. So, take inventory of how much stuff do you want to take with you and then start packing.  

Not wrapping items 

If you have packing boxes, it does not mean you just have to put your items into boxes directly. Wrapping up items is necessary to transport them safely. Don’t try to save this time while making this big mistake. This a little time can end up costing higher by damaging your home belongings. 

Not getting rid of the unwanted stuff

Before you start packing, it is very important to get rid of unwanted stuff. No matter how long you are living in this home, still you will accumulate several things that are not of use in the future. What matters is getting rid of these unwanted items. If you can get rid of unwanted stuff, it means you are saving both of your time as well as money. So, before packing, don’t commit this mistake of not getting rid of the unwanted stuff. 

Not sealing liquid items effectively 

You also have to transport liquid items when you move. Cardboard boxes can’t bear moisture, therefore, you can’t transport liquids in cardboard boxes. A little drop of the liquid in the card box can create big damage, therefore, it is important to seal liquid items. One small speed bump can spell the liquid material everywhere in the moving truck if not sealed properly. 

Tip on sealing liquid items: 

Open the bottle that contains the liquid. Add a layer of plastic wrap over its opening and then screw it again. Then use another layer of plastic cover around the complete bottle of liquid. 

Overstuffing of the items

Before start packing, make sure that you have to bring enough number of boxes to pack all the stuff of your home. Most of the people bring less quantity of boxes ending up overstuffing each. This is the biggest mistake that people usually does. But this can end up you costing more because you are putting your belongings at the risk of the damage. 

Wrapping it all up:

If you avoid these common mistakes of packing up boxes then higher are the chances that you will transport your items safely to a new location. If you don’t want to deal with the packing then you can hire professionals who will transport all your items safely at your new location.