Pets are amazing creatures. They make everyday life a lot more gleeful. They wait for you the entire day, and simply cannot wait to jump on you the second you get home. People love their pets and simply cannot see them harmed in any way. But there are certain things that stay out of reach no matter how hard you try. For instance, fleas.

Flea attacks are common in all pets that are set free to roam about as they like. Unless you have 24/7 knowledge of where your cat or dog has been, there are chances your pets may be invaded by fleas. But not to worry, for there are several methods you can use to control this invasion and prevent future attacks from fleas. Sites like Pest Wiki have an immense inventory of guides that can help you get your pet cleaned, and prevent fleas from attacking your pet again.

In this article, we are going to be discussing how to protect your cat from fleas, and how to make sure your cats never catch these vile beings again.  

Cat spray

One of the biggest advantages is that we can use these sprays as both to save your cat from fleas and also to protect your bed from bugs as well and other furniture. But this spay serves well when it is used at fleas which can be easily destroyed by spraying them as they die the moment they are in contact with it.

You can also add on some of the insect killers in it so that we can use it to kill the insects as well as the eggs they lay as well. However, do consult with your vet to know whether the disinfectants are actually safe for your cat. You can also lookup online on sites like Pest Wiki to make sure your pet stays healthy. 

Protecting Your Cat From A Flea Attack

This spray is so powerful that it can prevent the hatching of eggs as well and also from dermatitis. But one of the flaws is that it some odor in it and the chemicals used aren’t all-natural.


This is effective but to bath, your cat is hard to do but it is worth the struggle as this shampoo contains pyrethrins which are as powerful as cyanide which kills upon contact. This shampoo can kill fleas upon contact some of the clients also say that they see the fleas falling from the fur upon immediate application and also makes the fur softer and delicate and shiny as well. This shampoo is so powerful that it can stop an infestation of fleas for about 3 and a half months. And they have such a pleasant smell of coconut and berry as well. The only problem is that cats are not resistant to water. You will have to struggle to get your cat to have a bath.

Waterless shampoo

One of the best ways to avoid a fight with your cat and protect it at the same time is by using dry shampoo. These dry shampoos have formulas that have peppermint oils and a combination of eugenol which is so effective in killing all the lice and mites present at your cat’s fur an extra benefit is that it also cleans and makes the fur softer. This repels the mosquitoes around your cat and deodorizes the cat as well. Only a problem is that these peppermints can be allergic to some cats and some are also irritated by the smell as well. And it is not allowed to use these on cats below the age of 12 weeks which can be a major setback as well.

Flea and Tick collar

Sometimes cats can be tough to handle when it comes to medication through orally or externally so to avoid all those flea and tick collars are the best solution as they have Flumerthrin with Imidacloprid which can kill the fleas with the eggs they lay destroyed from your cat’s body and also the fact behind this collar is that the chemicals are released at a lower rate of concentrations which are odorless and non-greasy at the same time. These chemicals which come out of the collar act as protection against the fleas and they last for about eight months. Though this is costly it is worth the money spent because it uses a breakaway mechanism and it is also waterproof.

Oral medication

If there are many cats at your house and you can’t be treating all of them at the same time, then flea tablets are the best to handle all your cats at the same time. These tables have nitenpyram and a single dose of these can kill all the fleas at just about 30 minutes. This is one of the most efficient ways to protect your cats from fleas because the healing is done through the internal blood so this is one of the easiest ways of healing it. But the flaw is that they can’t be used as a long term cure but only for a short period. These are so efficient that they leave no residue behind and work better in killing all the adult fleas as well. But they don’t work well to remove eggs and larvae and the effect lasts only for a day.

Topical solution

This is one of the best ways and is also the strongest when it comes to protecting the cats from fleas. You just have to apply this to the places where they can lick on their body parts. And these start spreading at the same time and within 12 hours they reach the entire fur and these effects last for about 12 weeks.  This prevents re-infestations for about a month and it waterproof at the same time but since not all cats are topical friendly and some are even allergic to all such of these topical and start having such reactions this can be a setback.

Protecting your pets from fleas is very important, and care must be taken to make sure your cats are not infected with fleas. So be very practical in following this guide, and consult your vet before putting any of this to practice.

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