So, you are ready with the cookies in your oven and cold drink in your refrigerator to show your home to all your friends and family members after months of your hard work. Congratulations on your new home! But what if the paint you have used at the walls of your home will fade away in no time. Don’t fret, here is a list of things that exterior painting service companies suggests will help you to prevent the wall paint from fading out. 

It depends upon the painting surface also 

There are some specific materials to which some specific paints suit. So you need to apply the right paint type on the right surface. A wide range of interior and exterior paint varieties are available based on the quality of the paint. If you choose an incorrect paint on an unsuitable surface, chances are painted will fade away faster. 

It might be the paint that you have used 

Choosing the poor quality of paint is the biggest mistake that people usually do. If you do not choose a good quality of paint then it can fade faster. Apart from fading, you should also consider factors such as the paint should not crack and it should be adaptable to all weather conditions including harsh weather conditions. Choosing the good quality of paint does not only allow walls to look good but as well as it stays intact till last longer. 

Exposure to the direct sunlight 

Sunlight can be the reason of fading colors from the wall. The chemical bonds present in the sunlight can be affected by the exposure of the sunlight. There is a wide range of interior and exterior paints are available so choose the one that does not affect because of the exposure of the direct sunlight.   

Apart from this, lighter tones of paints fade less when exposed to the direct sunlight so it is recommended you to use a light shade of paints at all these places. But here it does not mean that you are limited in choosing colors because you have a wide range of light shade coloring options to select from. 

It might be the color that you choose 

 Don’t ever settle down on the poor quality of paint just thinking about the cost or just to save a few bucks. But remember that these a few bucks can make you pay more at the end. When wall paint gets faded away within a month or a few, it will cost you even double. 

So make sure you choose a good quality of paint. Choosing from latex and acrylic paints will be a great option because they do not fade away soon. 

Using wrong techniques of painting 

Like two coats of paint are better than one coat of paint, in a similar way, if you use wrong painting techniques then you may find yourself in a big problem. Using wrong painting techniques means you would not get the perfect finish and the paint will also fade away soon. 

These are a few reasons that can make your paint fade out soon.  

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