Cricket fans across the globe are disappointed with the no-show of the IPL season 13. There are a huge number of fans who were ready with their fantasy cricket app to have a wonderful play along time, are now disheartened. 

For all those who are religiously following cricket, here are some moments to relive to help you overcome the current gloom. Sometimes, it’s good to live in the past, even if it is for a short while.  

World Cup Winning Moments

World Cup moments are closer to the hearts of every cricket-loving person. While all the winning moments in the World Cup are memorable but the famous helicopter shot from captain cool to win the World Cup for the second time definitely has a special place! That was also a moment of contentment for the master blaster as well. 

Though there are several other match-winning moments in these editions, Indo-Pak matches hold a special place in everyone’s heart. Currently, there is a rerun of all those matches available on television for you to watch, without the nail-biting situation. 

World cup semi-final, 2003

The 2003 edition of the World Cup would always be a sore spot with a defeat in the final, but the semi-final performance by Sachin is evergreen for everyone. He was just short of a century but did that matter? No! Every ball that he faced became a memory and so did the rest of the match. 

Sachin at Sharjah

Speaking of Sachin, the other popular match of his career as well as of any cricket lover would be his innings at Sharjah, in 1998. Though it was not a match that we won but it was a match that won millions of hearts, where the master blaster ensured a spot for India in the finals. Don’t forget that he gave himself a birthday gift, two days later, by winning the cup as well. 

This match is a personal favorite of the man himself who forgot the heat of the desert conditions and scripted a legendary inning, which is now a classic chapter for every budding player.  

NatWest Series Final

Talk about surprises and the NatWest Series final would not even have been in anyone’s wildest dream. Playing underdogs, India was already half the team down and there came the young duo of Mohammad Kaif and Yuvraj Singh. The rest is part of the golden history of the game, not only for the unbelievable match-winning innings from these players but also for the famous shirt spinning by Ganguly. 


It is difficult to make a perfect list of the most memorable moments in cricket. Everyone has their own choice but some of these moments are likely to be on everyone’s lists. During this lockdown period, let’s make a small list and check each one out and relive every one of those memories. 

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