Ready to talk about a very basic routine that will keep you in shape or help you get in shape, and can be done by just about everyone? Well, this article is for you.

I’m someone who likes simple workout routines and just can’t get into some of the new, complicated workout regimens. For me, it’s all about sticking to something that has been used for a long time and is proven to make a big difference for your personal health.

The exercise routine below is what I have been doing for the last year or so. It’s nothing fancy but is effective for me.

I don’t have outrageous goals and am not committed to getting too overly ‘jacked’. My goal is to stay active, stay healthy, have fun with my workouts, and live a good life.

If your goals are similar, then I recommend this routine listed below:

(1) Indoor Bike

Nothing beats the indoor bike as a way to get warmed up. I hop on my indoor bike just five minutes after hopping out of bed and use it as a way to wake up and get the blood flowing.

These days, you can find a great indoor bike for an affordable price that does what you need it to and lasts a long while. Some people say they need a bike with a fancy, complicated control panel but that’s not always needed.

My indoor bike is basic but reliable and effective. I wouldn’t start my day (and workout) any other way!

Time on the indoor bike: 20 minutes at a comfortable speed. Start low but push yourself when you can.

(2) Light Outdoor Workout

The next thing I do is head outside into my backyard. I live in a place where I can exercise outside all year long and I take advantage of that in my yard right after my daily spin on my indoor bike.

I purchased a set of high-quality outdoor exercise equipment that allows me to do some basic things to stretch me out and limber me up. I do a basic suspension training routine and enjoy the fresh air as I do it.

If you don’t have an exercise kit like this, you can fill this time by doing things like stretching your joints and firing up your muscles. Consider things like jumping jacks, high jumps, and lunges.

Time outside with exercise equipment: I spend another 20 minutes outside with this basic kit. At first, I used this as a way to stretch out my body but I continue to make it a little tougher every week.

(3) Home Gym Routine

My next stop is in my garage, where I have my own home gym equipment all set up.

I spend about 30 minutes with my home gym and I begin to really push myself with these exercises:

  1. Pull-Ups using the pullup bar on my home gym.
  2. Leg Presses (3 reps of 10) using a weight that continues to push me to the next level.
  3. Chest Presses (3 reps of 10) using my home gym’s flye station.
  4. Arm Rows (3 reps of 10) with the pulley attachment on my home gym.
  5. Hamstring curls (3 reps of 10) using the extension on my home gym equipment.
  6. Bicep Curls (3 reps of 10) immediately followed by Tricep Pushdowns (3 reps of 10).

And that’s it. This routine isn’t too complicated or tough but it has succeeded in getting me in much better shape on a consistent basis. In my opinion, it’s important to do what is comfortable to you and do not feel pressured into doing what others tell you to do.

You will only commit to your personal workout routine if you enjoy doing and feel like it is something you can continue to do every day.

I hope you take my advice into consideration so you can get in shape with me.

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