When you think of every extraction method possible for CBD oil, you know there are different CBD extraction methods from Hemp. There are CO2 extraction and several other things. However, CO2 extraction is one of the best methods.

It might be the most expensive method but it consistently produces the concentration of the CBD. If you extract CBD from this method, it provides some of the highest quality product and it is also one of the safest extraction ways of CBD oil from the hemp. You won’t have any toxic residue that can harm the neural system of our body.

This method is highly efficient, it also brings out the best and the highest concentration of CBD oil. When you have so much high concentration, you can easily adjust the concentration and there will be no toxic residue also. Since its CO2 extraction, there is no chlorophyll involved too. The only con in this whole method of cannabis oil extraction is it is expensive.

You have other ways of extraction of CBD oil too. There is THC extraction from Hemp too which takes place. Anyway, let’s discuss the CBD oil ways. Steam distillation is another way that is not at all expensive, leaves no toxic components and there is no chlorophyll involved too.

The only problem with this is it is not efficient enough. It is quite inconsistent while producing the concentration of CBD and it can also be one of the potential reasons for heat to damage the CBD oil.

Then there is the Hydrocarbon solvent extraction method that is also inexpensive but it is quite efficient. It also gives out the proper concentration of CBD oil like the CO2 method and it leaves no chlorophyll too. The only drawback here is that it can have the potential to leave some toxic solvent residue.

Now coming to the Natural Solvent Extraction method, it is highly efficient, it is inexpensive, it has no toxic residue too. But, there is the presence of chlorophyll which affects the taste gravely. So, if you do not care about the taste much then you can choose this process. There is a lower concentration of CBD oil too when you use this process.

Steps To Extract CBD Oil

The only one molecule that has the property to function in all three states of matter (solid, liquid, and gas) is Carbon Dioxide. The state of Carbon Dioxide is depended on the temperature and pressure of the container or place where it is kept. Thus, Closed Loop Extractor is used in the cannabis oil extraction method. 

It has three chambers, the first one has solid pressurized CO2 which is also known as dry ice. Then, the second one has dry plant material and the third one has the finished product. So, when they are performing the extraction, there are different pressures kept and the third chamber has the final finished product. 

The solid CO2 from the first chamber is pumped up into the second one with the plant material. Then the second chamber is kept at a certain pressure and then there is some temperature change at which CO2 leaves the solid-state and behaves like a liquid. 

Then, it passes through the plant material to extracts all chemicals and the flavor. Then it is pumped into the final chamber that has the pressure at the lower value with the high temperature. So that the gas rises and goes on the top of the chamber while the oils that contain the chemicals and flavors from the plant material fall to the bottom. In the end, oil is extracted. 

This does not require a very long evaporation process like the other cannabis oil extraction methods. There is less risk of contaminants when you get the final product this method keeps the temperature and pressure in check. It is used to separate CBD from cannabis that has THC.


Hence, when you are purchasing the products, you need to know which extraction method they used to extract the CBD oil and this can be a direct indication of the concentration of CBD products. The CBD products that you are using have to be done by the CO2 extraction method. This is because they have a higher concentration of the CBD. They may be priced a bit on the higher side but they are being manufactured properly. 

Always confirm that whether the company uses a third-party lab to test out all the concentration of the CBD or they do that on their own. There are a lot of reputable manufacturers who will make the test results found on the internet as el and they will also reveal if there are any potential contaminants. So, if they confirm the presence of any potential contaminants, then stay away from those products.