Astrology is an ancient science that studies the influence of cosmic objects on human life. The position of the sun, moon and other celestial’s body at the time of a person’s birth shapes the nature, behavior, character, and personality of that person. That is the reason why people seek astrologers’ help to know their life prediction related to career, love, marriage, economic status and many other things. However, one should not just rely blindly on predictions, he/she must do his/her part of the work to achieve life goals.

Astrology has been with humankind for centuries still it fascinates us with its mystical methods to foretell the future and guide us to do the right thing in the future. It is all faith and belief of a person, that makes him/her trust in astrology otherwise it is nothing for the person who doesn’t believe in it, and if you don’ believe in something then it wouldn’t affect you. But there are many things that you even do not know about astrology and how it has been affecting our lives for ages. 

Astrology is far beyond than telling the future of a person, there are many facts about it which makes it more interesting, here are few of them.

Some of the Surprising Facts You Should Know About Astrology:

1. A person can have more than two Signs:

Many people don’t know about this fact that they can have more than two signs. They only consider their zodiac signs based on their birth date, which we generally term as sunshine. But sunshine is not the only sign which you should consider, because there are many others from 12 “house cusps”, one for each planet. You can know all about them once you have your birth chart prepared. The foremost three signs that show your personality are sun sign, the rising sign, and the moon sign. The rising sign is also term as ascendant.

2. Moon Sign and your Emotions: 

Moon sign is equally important as sunshine, it affects the human body in the same way it does to the ocean waves. Sun sign impacts a lot of human behavior but astrologers, as well as scientific studies, also prove that a human body is affected by the moon’s movement as well. People behave differently at full moon because we too are made up of water, and just like water that does not resist the pull of the moon, we too get affected by it but in a different way.

3. Sign compatibility is not 100% true: 

Do you ask people their zodiac sign so you can know whether you both share a compatibly or not? If yes then stop doing it because scientists do not agree upon it. They say it is totally irrelevant to do so, even astrologers believe the same. Studies have been done on successfully married couples and their zodiac sign compatibility and results show that there is no relation between the sign and the compatibility. The sign does not impact the marriage success rate or failure. However people do use astrology to see if the other person sign is compatible with theirs or not, but in the end, a relationship is defined by a person’s effort and love towards their partner.

4. Sun gives you the zodiac sign: 

We all know our zodiac sign, right? But do we know how it comes from? Well, the position of Sun at the exact time of our birth defines our zodiac sign. Astrologers believe that a zodiac sign reveals a lot of valuable information about a person’s personality, character, and future that’s why people go to astrologers so they can predict their future. The zodiac signs are said to be a power/energy that works on transiting planets and other bodies. In total, we have 12 zodiac signs and each sign takes an equal portion of the Zodiac wheel.

5. Leaders and political parties are generally Astrology Buffs:

Generally, it is believed that only common people go to astrologers to seek advice regarding their puzzled life. But do you know those powerful party leaders are strong believers of astrology? Germanely these powerful personalities go to astrologers to ask for their future prospects and decisions. Shocked? But this is the truth. Coz everybody knows how astrology affects human life in some or the other way. 

6. Your Zodiac Sign can also influence your personality and appearance:

Although this fact is not quite famous and might sound far-fetched to some many astrologers confirm that they are strong believers that a zodiac sign can affect the appearance of the person. For example, Scorpios are believed to be muscular with intense looks. Sagittarius male is said to have muscular long legs and women are said to be more like tom-boys. While Aries is full of fire. They always have a smile on their lips and have an athletic appearance. 

7. Around 31% of Americans are astrology believers

People might not believe this, but approximately 1/3 of 31% of Americans are strong believers of Astrology. This is proved by a recent poll in America. And some of them also revealed that they are not sure but they at least read their horoscopes sometimes. Due to the prevalence of astrology in society, it is completely difficult to ignore it from your life. 

8. Women believe more in Astrology than Men

Astrology believer women account for about 75% among all. Many magazines and surveys are a strong proof of that. That’s why women magazines are generally flooded with astrology columns.

9. Your Sun Sign simulates your life goals

Sun Signs drive your ego and attitude towards your life goals. The way you are motivated to accomplish your goal is driven by sun signs. Like Aries are quite passionate about their future but without patience, they just jump into their tomorrow. Similarly, Leos are full of exuding confidence, determination and natural quality of being a leader. They are just too spontaneous. This is how humans are affected by their Sun Signs. 

10. Sagittarius makes the best of Celebs

According to research by Daily Mail, Sagittarius is the most common sign among Celebs. Generally, it is believed that people born between November 22 and December 21 end up getting famous in Entertainment business. And on the contrary, Taurus is least seen among celebs. 

12. Obama’s Presidential Victory prediction was already done by Astrologers

You would be stunned to hear this. Correct guys, Obama’s victory for president position was already predicted by various Astrologers. The United Astrology Conference meeting is scheduled every 4 years and during election tenure in 2008 the entire team of professional astrologers unanimously predicted Obama’s victory in elections. Next, again in 2012, astrologers predicted that Obama would win the race and this was indeed correct. This was one shocking and exciting news for people who made them believe in astrology even more. 

13. You are either Water, Air, Earth, and Fire

Apart from Sun Signs that we know, there are different logics related to these signs. The astrological wheel comprises of 12 zodiac signs and these signs are further bifurcated into different groups. 

1st water Sign that includes Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio

2nd Fire Sign that includes Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius 

3rd Earth Sign that includes Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo

And lastly, Air Signs that include Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra.

These signs are generally not kept into consideration but they put a huge influence on life forms and contribute to an individual’s personality in many ways.

14. Middle Ages Catholic popes were fond of Astrology

Catholic Popes belonging to the Middle Age were believers of Astrology. Sixtus IV was the first pope to interpret a horoscope. Leo X and Paul III are believed to love astrology and used to rely heavily on astrologers’ advice for their fortune.

15. Relationship between Astrology and Vastu Shastra

The relationship between Astrology and Vastu Shastra is very deep and unbreakable. Both are complementary to each other. Vastu Shastra is a major part of Vedic astrology.

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