Ray-Ban is one of the top global brands for luxury sunglasses and eyeglasses. It is one of the best eyewear brands in the world not only because it offers sunglasses that protects our eyes from harsh UV rays, but more so due to its fashionable and stylish designs of sunglasses that complete almost every outfit. As far as fashionable eyewear goes, Ray-Ban collections have the best of quality with the coolest designs. Since 1937, the year it was founded, Ray Ban never fails in delivering us one iconic style after another. For years, Ray Ban sunglasses have influenced eyewear trends all over the world.

If you’re looking to give your eyes the stylish protection they deserve, you will surely swoon over the five iconic Ray-Ban sunglasses listed below.

Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

This Ray-Ban eyewear is one of the most popular sunglasses because of its recognized frames. It features legendary G-15 lenses, in both polarized and non-polarized options, perfect for both women and men. Its plastic frames are squared-shape and come from the smoothest acetate, the function of which is to hold the non-polarized glass lens at a safe angle. By wearing this eyewear, your eyes are protected from harmful direct UV levels. You can also choose which size fits your face from three different sizes that include 54mm, 52mm, and 47mm. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses RB2140 has a retro flair and flatter all face shapes. You can also pair this with almost anything.

 Clubmaster Ray Ban sunglasses

The Clubmaster Ray-Ban sunnies are inspired by the 1950s. With its vintage and timeless with a sleek design, this iconic eyewear is one of the best selling sunglasses in the line of shades. The design boasts of clear lenses, and frames that are of rectangular shaped metal frame rimmed with plastic material on the frame. People love its adjustable plastic temples and nose pads. On top of these, the glass lenses are easy to clean but make sure not to clean them with chemicals to avoid unnecessary damage to the UV coating. Compared to the wayfarer sunglasses, the Cubmaster lenses guarantee protection from UV due to its advanced feature of a 100% UV protection with impact resistance. The club master sunglasses also include another most popular frame shape: the Clubround. They come in two distinct sizes, 49mm and 51mm, and both are available with gradient and polarized lenses, and customizable features.

Erika Ray Ban sunglasses

Akin to the Clubmaster sunglasses, the Erika Ray-Ban sunglasses take retro to a new level with a time-honored shape. Erika RB4171 stands out from the rest of the sunglasses as it features both the bright and rubber classic fonts. Accordingly, this selection is considered to be one of the most known brands partly due to its distinct varieties of lenses including the polarized lenses. The Erika Ray-Ban shade has a similar style with wayfarer but the former is much less chunky and is made to look much daintier than the bulky alternative. The Erika sunglasses look light on the face and thus a perfect eyewear choice for women. The Erika is a beautiful accessory to whatever outfit you may choose because of its impressive color range from classic black with violet frames to a much more energetic baby blue with matching light blue gradient lenses, allowing you to pick something flashy for the summer beach or subtle for casual evening wear. Aside from being stylish, the Erika shade can also provide UV protection as its round oversized lenses can give 100% UV protection whereas the polarized lenses block 99% of the reflected light all these for vision enhancement. It also comes in 6 different color and lens options, and they all measure in at 54 mm.

Aviators Ray Ban Sunglasses

The Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses have monopolized the top spot in sunglasses design despite the vagaries of the fashion world down the decades. The 4-ounce Ray Ban ORB3025 sunglasses is believed to be the start of the Ray ban sunglasses since they were manufactured for US pilots as early as 1939. The Aviator sunglasses design has become a de-facto standard for metal-frame sunglasses design with the thin metal frame and inverted teardrop lenses. The Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses have rounded frames and lenses that come to a point on one side, and the metal frames are small without being too delicate. Its large, lightweight design appeals no matter what the current fashion trend. This eyewear also comes with a non-polarized crystal lens that is simple to clean. The Aviator also comes in 3 distinct sizes: 62mm, 58mm, and 55mm.

 Iconic Round Ray Ban sunglasses

The design of the Round Ray-Ban sunglasses is considered timeless and totally retro. The design rose to popularity because many legendary musicians have worn this iconic round design. You can choose from two sizes, an oversize 50mm lens and a smaller ‘hippy’ style 47mm lens and both with a 21 mm bridge. Moreover, you can select from a wide array of lens options with polarized and mirror lenses available.

If you are planning on getting your next Ray-Ban shades, be sure to check out the specs provided in this article to help you better decide which design fits your fashion and style. You can also opt for those which have better eye protection if that is your priority. But whatever design you pick, any of these iconic sunglasses are worth every penny.