Anyone who has trained Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu even for as short as a week, chances are they were taught the armbar technique. Because it is so important and one of the efficient submissions holds in BJJ. Now you already know how to perform an armbar but to perfect this technique you would have to work on it more. So get your BJJ GIs on and get ready for more training. Being fairly good or just knowing how to perform the armbar is not enough. So in order to become better following the guideline below.

Get into basics

Learn the basics and start strong. This is especially important if you want to improve your skills as a BJJ practitioner. For this you can either start taking classes from the beginning or just practice before or after the class. Get help from your trainer and classmates. Keep on practicing it because otherwise you would forget it again after a few weeks. 

Firstly you will learn your mistakes and the things you were missing for a perfect technique. Then you might notice the points you were missing because of your habit or because you just forgot. Apart from that you can make the technique and moves even better and sharper.  Learning the basics again means practicing again. This will remap it into your brain which will help you learn and perform it better. Bringing you a step closer to a perfect and better armbar technique.

Implementing what you learned

This revisited the basics and got the techniques cleared up? Good for you. But that is not enough. To be actually better and improve yourself you have to start practicing it on a daily basis. This is the way to learn and master any skill, i.e. practice it over and over again. It is true, but with an armbar you also have to make sure you are practicing it in the most efficient way. 

Practicing it just like any other task you would do daily won’t give you the expected results. Instead, pay attention to what you are doing. Start at a slower pace so the body learns where to place the elbows, how to grab etc. When you have got everything right, start increasing the pace gradually. If you feel like your technique and moves are not precise, then slow the pace. Remember our goal is to make the technique perfect, not get it off our shoulders. 

Make every move perfect and don’t stress it too much just enjoy what you do. This way you can learn and have fun at the same time without making learning a hectic thing. The beauty of an armbar is you can execute it from any position. So get creative, try different variations, or give it a little of your own touch. Keep your BJJ GIs on after the class and give some additional time to practice the armbar. 

Focus on the armbar

You have done learning the basics then practicing it enough to be better at it. Now it is time for more practice in other ways. To be better and put more creativity into it now you will be looking for opportunities as you spar or train to execute the armbar. Avail the opportunities and opening you get to perform the technique. This does not mean you should ignore other techniques and even if you get the chance to execute them. Make sure to keep on practicing other positional transitions and submission holds.

On the other hand, if you are in a mounting position and have the opponent’s back while they are trying to escape, you should use the armbar. While you could have done other submission controls, it would be better to perform the armbar. You will know if your technique is good enough or not. It also provides the learning point disclosing the lacking point, thus a chance to improve your technique again. 

The bottom line

Because armbar is one of the techniques beginners learn, so some people make their perspective of it as not as important a technique. But that is not true, in fact, armbar is an important and beautiful technique. Some just learn it in the beginning and don’t feel like it is important to practice it often. This leads to poor armbar technique with lots of opening and potholes. If you want to become good at BJJ, then keep on practicing what you learn throughout. 

Secondly, just practicing is not enough; you have to open up the mind for learning and improving yourself. Don’t worry if you have not been paying attention or ignored it. Just practice it before or after your class daily. Or maybe take out time to attend the armbar class with beginners. Remember taking help from your coach and teammates will help you and improve your technique.