You can call yourself an alcohol addict when you don’t have any control over its consumption. And if you cut it out, your emotions take over your behavior which is as bad as it sounds. An alcohol addict also doesn’t have any record of how much consumption can his body resist. It’s mainly because the body gets used to it (due to high consumption) and builds strong resistance to its effects. 

The current scenario of alcohol addiction

Contrary to the belief of many, only willpower doesn’t help you get over addiction. You might judge an alcoholic, but the actual issue is way beyond what you can figure out from the outside. It’s not only the internal self that helps one get rid of an addiction but a step-by-step process (some external factors). 

The step by step treatment of alcohol addiction

You don’t straight away get admission to an alcohol rehab center. There are some factors leading to it. To plan a foolproof treatment, the following are the steps to go through.  

  • Communicate with a doctor

Alcoholism is not necessarily a medical term but it can be called a disorder. The doctor determines if alcohol consumption has actually overtaken your willpower. A mild case might be corrected through medication immediately but a severe case has to be further referred to a counselor. 

  • See the counselor

A counselor can be a therapist, psychologist, a previous alcohol addict, or the doctor himself. He goes deep into the details of the reasons of why you got into alcohol addiction. Then, he/she ascertains if any other parallel disorder exists. It is followed by planning a foolproof treatment program and referring you to an alcohol rehabilitation center

  • Go through your treatment options

If you are lucky enough, you’ll get some options for the program you want to carry out. The counselor might also suggest that you can choose a combination of these treatments. Otherwise, you are suggested with a single program that you have to follow strictly. The following are the treatment options of alcohol addiction

  1. Full residential program – It means that you can stay at home while following the tasks they assign to you. 
  2. Complete treatment in-house – It’s a total opposite of the fully residential program. You need to stay in the property of the alcohol rehab center throughout the period and follow what they suggest. They provide all the amenities that one requires to be distracted from alcohol. 
  3. Partially residential – As the name suggests, a partly residential program might require you to spend half a day in the rehab property. 
  • Know your treatment method

A severe alcohol disorder can be treated through detox. Detox is essential for treating any intensity of alcoholism. It takes a few weeks to get into your nerves and show its results. Provided that your instructor keeps an eye on your behavior constantly for further treatment. 

Medication cannot treat alcoholism but it certainly can help recover from previous damage. Some medicines also don’t let you drink. But this forceful method is something you definitely don’t need. 

  • Aftercare therapy

If you cannot follow the same routine that you developed in the treatment program, alcohol consumption will eventually take over your control again. That’s the motto of the best alcohol rehab centers follow. They provide guidelines that you can follow even after the program ends to retain those habits. 

To treat anything stubborn, don’t just give up, follow a step-by-step procedure to get rid of it. It’s an attitude that’s going to help you forever.