These days you have all the facilities and opportunities to enjoy the motorcycle trip. But these things will definitely cost and increase the amount of money spent on the trip. These things can affect your motorcycle riding and disturb the monthly budget. Because of such factors, many people think that motorcycle riding is out of their reach. But the reality is motorcycle touring is much easier, fun, and you can definitely do it within your budget. Meaning it is cheap, too. Get your motorcycle riding jackets, vests, chaps and boots ready because you are going on a motorcycle trip. Let’s have a look at how you can accomplish this for a cheap and fun adventurous trip. 

Motorcycle Trip

Choosing the ride

Riding on a motorcycle is cheaper and easier, but comes with challenges of its own. You don’t need to get a new and expensive ride, use the bike you already have. Don’t have one, rent one but make sure its mileage is low and is able to ride the distance. A low mileage bike will save a lot of your money.

Have the bike checked properly and do required repairs and maintenance before the trip. The choice of the bike depends on your trip type. For off-roading trails, for long-distance road trips cruisers, and for off and on-road trips dual sports motorcycles are best suited. 

The route and destination

Decide where you want to go and what your route will be. This will give you a fair idea of what fuel and other costs will be. Petrol and food costs across all of America are pretty much the same. But if you are going to another country than do more research on this. Most of the budget goes into the living through the route and destination, so be careful, choosing it. 

Taking the bike

Want to explore some other part of the country or a completely different country. It is best to get the bike and other stuff shipped there via sea. This is a cheaper way to get it delivered to the destination. 

For shipping, get all the booking done in advance and before shipping it off do one more check. Or you can reach the destination and rent a bike from the local shop. Be sure to go through the policies, packing rules, port duties, and other paperwork beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. 


Go with whatever is cheap but don’t compromise on quality. Expensive does not mean better, so check the quality yourself. Textile bags are cheaper and easy to attach and detach, followed by leather and metal panniers with an increase in price. 

Want to use the bags you already have to your advantage or make your own metal panniers? Do some research online and ask around to get started on the project. 

Food and shelter

Saving on little things the ones mentioned above and on food and shelter will save a lot of money. To find cheap street food. Or you can go buy the food to cook yourself. Rice, pasta, and veggies are cheap almost everywhere you go. For snacks, you can buy fruits.  If you want to cook, take some utensils, a spoon, a fork, and a plate with you. If you can afford it, get a jet boil too. Otherwise, cooking on the wood is always an option. 

Cheap hotels and camping are the options you have available on a cheap budget. You might have to pay for camping on campgrounds but wild nature is always free. Just make sure not to get too far into the jungle. Don’t forget essentials like a tent, fire starter, multipurpose knife, and other essentials. Research on how to choose a wild camping spot.

Things you don’t need

Don’t waste the money on things you don’t need. Mobile phones are a good GPS device to use wisely. Get a paper map otherwise and know how to read it. Use iodine tablets or boil the water. Cooking on a bonfire is fun and doest cost much. 

Things you need

Motorcycle riding gear, tent, fire starter, sleeping bag, mat, food, torch, poop bag, backpack, and hiking shoes. If you want you can get food from home. Clothes depending on the weather, socks, sunblock, mosquito repellent, a deodorant, and plastic bags. 

For the motorcycle two or three locks are a must-have. First aid kit, motorcycle repair kit, tools, tire repair kit, and all required documents. Don’t forget to tag along with some extra cash, spare keys for all locks and bikes. 

Other expenses

After food, fuel, living the remaining cost will be on motorcycle repair and maintenance, and beers and snacks during the trip. If you have the space you can bring it with you. Or just go dry and enjoy nature and your trip instead of the alcohol.