Traveling is one thing you can do when you want to learn about new cultures and take a break from your regular schedule. However, many people do not take care of their skin, hair, and face when traveling. The common reason given is that they don’t know what to pack. Here are the travel beauty essentials that you should not leave your house without when traveling.

Under-Eye Concealer

It feels good walking at night in the streets of a new town. However, restless nights and sleeping in unconventional places are the main causes of eye bags and sagging of the skin under your eyes.

An under-eye concealer comes in handy as it gives the impression of fresh eyes. Your look won’t be saggy, and your final makeup look will show that you slept for eight hours. Sleeping is essential when traveling, but in unavoidable situations where you have to sleep for a few hours, the under-eye concealer will immensely save you.


Foundation is a makeup product that you don’t want to travel without. Traveling should not be a reason for not glowing. Walk on the new streets, looking like a million bucks. Also, you usually take many photos when traveling, meaning your photos will be fantastic with that touch of foundation on your face.

If you are traveling during the summer, carry an SPF foundation to get protection from the sun. Also, it is wise to carry powder foundation if you have oily skin. Powder foundations also have SPF, which is a plus when you are on vacation.

Lip Balm

When flying and even after getting to your destination, lips tend to dry, making you feel uncomfortable. Nothing is as frustrating as walking around with chapped lips, which are painful. Avoid this problem by packing your lip balm. Keeping your lips hydrated should be your goal when traveling.

Eye Cream

As mentioned earlier, traveling to new places comes with long trips, sleeping for fewer hours, and seeing a lot of new things. Therefore, it is essential to carry a corrective eye cream that reduces the puffiness of the under-eye skin and dark circles.

Two Lipstick Colors

Over-packing can be a problem when you are traveling. However, you don’t need to carry all your lipsticks because you will not use all. As such, it is advisable to carry two lipstick colors.

Not only does it save on space, but it also gives you versatility as opposed to carrying only one color. Carry one neutral color that you wear during the day and a bright one which you will use when going out at night.


Mascara will also come in handy to wake your eyes up after sleeping for fewer hours. Taking care of your eyelashes will enormously open your eyes. If your destination is at the coast where you will be spending days on the beach, carry a waterproof mascara.

A Blush / Bronzer / Highlighter Set

Sets that have multiple products are a plus when packing beauty essentials. The blush/bronzer/ highlighter palette is a lifesaver because it is a compact that consumes less space than carrying each product separately. This set gives your face a beautiful definition.

Eye Shadow Palette

Carrying an eye shadow palette is wise due to its multiple colors. The eye shadow will improve the appearance of your eyes when you wear makeup.

If you are not an eye shadow fan, just pack the blush/bronzer/ highlighter set as it can double up as an eye shadow. However, if you love eye shadows, carry it because it will improve your looks.

Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are essential when you want to have a flawless makeup look. Carry the usual brushes that you use on  a regular basis. If you carry the eye shadow palette, do not forget to pack eyeshadow brushes.

Makeup Remover Wipes  

If you carry all your makeup products, but you forget your makeup remover wipes, you will have a hard time before going to bed. Not all makeup is removed by washing your face. You don’t want to come from your trip with breakouts. Therefore, carry your wipes, as they will be a savior when you remove your makeup before sleeping.

Skincare Kit

Your skincare routine should be followed even when you are traveling. After using your wipes, cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face. Pack your skincare products in small bottles that are suitable for traveling. It is vital to carry your products instead of buying along the way because you may fail to get products that work for you in the new place.

Sunscreen should not miss in your skincare kit! Taking care of your skin also includes hydrating it. Therefore, ensure you carry your water bottle everywhere you go while exploring new places.

Nail Care

Do you like walking around a new city with chipped nail polish? Your answer is probably no. Therefore, avoid this embarrassment by packing your nail care bag. The nail kit will contain nail polish, nail cutter, and nail polish remover. Carry two nail polish colors, neutral and a bright one.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Your hair is equally affected as your face when not treated during vacation. Therefore, do not forget to carry your shampoo and conditioner. This is mandatory, especially if you will be swimming in the ocean because the salt is harmful to your hair.

If your shampoo and conditioner are in large bottles, pack them in sizable bottles that won’t occupy a lot of space in your luggage. Dry shampoo is the most convenient to carry when traveling.

Hair Brush

After washing your hair, you will need to detangle it. Therefore, carry your hairbrush, which can detangle both wet and dry hair. Most hotels have hair tools such as dryers, meaning that you don’t need to carry them as they consume space. Therefore, it is essential to check the provisions of a hotel before booking one. 

Your beauty should not be a limiting factor to traveling as you can maintain it even on the road. This guide has provided you with all the travel essentials needed to achieve a flawless look when traveling. All these products fit in a small bag, which you can throw in your suitcase.

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