Magic Shows In Vegas

In Las Vegas, there are not just casino, gambling, incredible buildings or dancing fountains! There are also hundreds of shows: varied concerts, dance, humor, shows for children and especially magic for young and old…

Whether they are just occasional or regular shows, whether mentalist or illusionist, the best magicians of all time can only be found in the sin city. Here is the Las Vegas Guide selection for the ultimate Magic Shows In Vegas.

Frederic Da Silva, French Mentalist Magic Shows In Vegas

Let’s start with a 35-year-old French mentalist magician, Frederic Da Silva, who captivates the crowds with his show “Paranormal – Mind Reading Magic Show”. He is currently performing exclusively at Bally’s Las Vegas (since 2013) and continues to perform every day (except Wednesdays and Thursdays) at 4 pm.

Criss Angel Magic Shows In Vegas

This 51-year-old American illusionist, known as Criss Angel (his real name is Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos) is originally a yoga teacher, stuntman, dancer, actor, and musician. He has exhibited a special “MINDFREAK LIVE SHOW!” as a version for Las Vegas, inspired by his famous TV series Criss Angel Mindfreak. As Angel practices “street magic”, his show is mainly executed outdoors, in the streets, hotels or sometimes in bars…

David Copperfield Illusion Magic Shows In Vegas

Finally, one could not fail to mention the one which, according to Forbes, has had the greatest commercial success of all time and which according to Oprah Winfrey is “the most exceptional illusionist of our era”: we are obviously talking about David Copperfield (his real name is David Seth Kotkin).

This 61-year-old American magician won 11 Guinness Records and 21 Emmy Awards (from 38 nominations); He has also been selected as the Knight of Arts by the French government. All these awards are only a reflection of a passion he discovered at the age of 10 and that allowed him, at age 12, to be the youngest member of the Society of American Magicians!

Xavier Mortimer

Performing for six years now in Las Vegas, Xavier Millescamps, aka Mortimer, has just won the gold medal for the best magic show in the entertainment capital of the world. The news has just been confirmed to Mortimer: his show “Magical Dream”, which he plays in a room of the Casino Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, has been designated the best magic show of the year 2018.

Xavier Mortimer spent all his childhood in PĂ©rigueux, France. He first saw magic on television watching the legendary magicians Gerard Majax and David Copperfield before deciding to become a professional magician.

Masters of Illusion in Las Vegas

We saved the best for last, as in this inclusive show, you’ll get to see five of the best magicians on the planet all in one show. It is held in the Jubilee Theater of Bally’s Hotel. Immerse yourself in the world of enchantment in this modern magic show for the whole family. Masters of Illusion combine fantasy, passion, and talent. Their tours have attracted tens of thousands of spectators in the last six years in the United States and 125 other countries.