When it comes to tracking mobile phone location there are a handful of ways on how you can get the job done. People lost their phone devices, get theft and either you want to know the mobile carrier location due to some odd reasons track a cell phone.  However, the internet connection should be available to know the target device location by downloading some sort of cellphone location monitoring software. In case you don’t know about the particular technological tool even then you can monitor your target cellphone location. Let’s get to know about the ways that can help you to spy on the phone location.

How to track mobile location online without using the software?

If you are looking forward to monitoring someone’s mobile location without using any location tracking software then you need to use two built-in solutions for all types of cell phones running with Android and iOS devices. Both of the OS devices empower you to do surveillance on target devices’ locations without using high –tech tools. You just need to activate both the device features and IOS devices have iCloud “Find My device” feature that empowers you to trace the target device location. However, when it comes to Android cell phones, tablets you have an option linked to Google such as Find my device services or Android device manager and further you need to activate on your device and connect it with the Google Account.

How to track cellphone location with location surveillance software?

Apart from the above-mentioned tow built-in methods, you can get your hands on the best cell phone spy app for mobile. So, first and foremost you need to do perform the following mentioned steps to download the phone location tracker software.

Subscribe for cellphone tracking software

Initially, you need to visit the web browser on your handset connected to the internet and further visit the official webpage of the cellphone surveillance software. Now you can subscribe to the cell phone spy app and in response, you will receive credentials through an email sent to you on the target device.

Get Physical access on the target device

Now you need to get access to physical access on the target device and when you have access then you need to start the installation process. When you have been successfully got access to the targeted device then you need to activate it on the targeted device.  

Use Credentials & get access to the online control panel

You can use the passcode and ID and get access to the online dashboard where you can visit the multiple tools of the cell phone monitoring app to track the target device location. Let’s discuss all the tools that empower you to monitor the location of the targeted device.

3 ways to track mobile location with cell phone surveillance app

GPS location tracker software

If you want to do surveillance on your children, teens and employees’ cell phone then you need to use the GPS location monitoring app for mobile. It empowers you to get access to the target digital device remotely and further let you know about the current, pinpoint and exact location of the target device in real-time using Google MAP. It means parents can get to know about kids’ and teens’ current and accurate locations and put their worries to rest. On the other hand, employers can monitor the exact location of their employees using a cell phone surveillance app. They can remotely get to know where their employees are at the moment or either they reach at the target location in time.

Location history tracking app

Now parents can spy on kids’ and teens’ location history by using location history spying app. You can get access to the target device and further you can monitor the location history of the device on the MAP. Users can track a cell phone and come to know the daily location history, weekly location history with a complete time stamp.


Parents and employers can create an electronic fence around the target device and get to know when the target device user has entered the fence and when the target device user has left the fence. You will get instant alerts through an email notification sent to you.


You can use mobile phone surveillance software’s three states of the art tools mentioned above as three ways to spy on cellphone location to get the job done.

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