Every organization must have separate success mantras in their rule book. But surprisingly, the common strategies followed by many in the same domain are the inclusion of veterans in their firm. As the main reason, they point towards the importance of diverse ideas and working skills of their staff. The best way to in cultivating this tactic is the effective utilization of the veteran experiences in the field. The military people are already well trained in areas such as pressure management, discipline, reliability, and problem solving skills. Their work experiences as a team will definitely a value addition to the hiring companies. Their materialistic and indescribable skills are really valued in today’s multifaceted industries.

Thus, veteran hiring can provide more powerful talent strategies for any organization. Let’s understand more about how it happens.

How to attract veterans to the industry?

As the initial step, the companies have to make their application process so simple. Many veterans are unaware of the suitability of their skills to the particular job described by the employer. On the first appearance, the normal job profile for a civilian job seems to be very different from that of the military people. But basically, the underlying skills required will be the same for both jobs. So make the veterans understand how well they can suit to the new job just by polishing the already acquired military skills. If the employer can make them use their veteran skills and talent in the civilian work force, that will be a great asset to the particular firm. It is the responsibility of human management and recruitment team to aware veterans how much significant can be their role in the organization. 

The possible challenges in the process

Even though military hiring appears to be simple and effective methods of employee recruitment; there are many hurdles on the path. After the military life, many of the veterans join the civilian jobs but they may feel a little uncomfortable in the initial stages. As their field of practice is entirely different from the new one, they may experience difficulty in understanding new technical words, the work culture of the corporate field, etc. The on boarding process maybe a little more complicated to them compared to the common man. So a warm and welcoming atmosphere can make them comfortable in the new surroundings. By teaming up the veterans internally may help to sort out these difficulties up to an extent. Or a separate mentor can be arranged for the veterans alone who can guide them through the proper channel.

Retaining the veterans in the company

  • Give a clear career progression option

Practiced with a very systematic lifestyle, the veterans expect that in the new firm also. In the military, they always had to finish some clear objectives to move into the next higher rank.  The same ranking system will make them relaxed in the new work place also. They will keep the standards to be achieved for the next promotion in the mind and work harder to achieve the aim. They won’t give up anything easily which will be their one of the best military imbibed traits. The proper career development options within an organization will satisfy every employee and they will not look outside for career advancement. This will also increase the interest of veterans toward the job and will be able to offer the benefits of veteran talent to the organization.

  • The stretchy functioning schedules

Most of the veterans may have to attend the post military appointments which may be programmed strictly. On this scenario, the flexible time schedules of work will help them a lot without making any compromise on their duty. It also helps to retain the supreme talent of the employees, which will definitely get paid off at a later point of time. 

  • Keep the best mentors 

The veteran group will be filled with diversity. They will be speaking different languages and from different part of the country. The wise selection of the mentors will always help out the organization. The mentors can easily read the potential of every military man and drawbacks too. They can polish their immense intangible skills making them into the greatest asset to the company. Preferably choose a military man as the mentor so that there will be always a military bond between them. This unseen connection will help to break out all the barriers in clearing doubts related to the company and its terms. The veteran buddy programs also will do well towards this aspect.


Any organization can get benefits of veteran hiring because they can help the organization to develop more effective and advantageous talent strategies. Their experience and skills can improve the talent of existing employees and existing employees will get motivated by their experience stories.