The Northwestern country of the continent of Europe is Republique Francaise. It is one of the historically and culturally significant nations of the world all until now as France. It played quite a key role in international affairs for centuries until now.

Tourists from around the world are interested in visiting France for so many natural attractions and wonderful monuments of the man-made kind as well. Anyone can get to know some of the rarest cultures that are uncommon to the other traditions of the world in France. So here’s the list of the astonishing tourist spots in France that incredibly jaw-dropping sight.

Arc de Triomphe That Made Of Limestone

One of the coolest arc de triomphe facts is this monument is made of sedimentary rock which is called “Limestone” that comes from the nearby oceans. This landmark just screams Paris one of the most famous and most distinctive monuments in the city. Arc de Triomphe has got roots from both the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars and was commissioned by Napoleon following Frances’s victory at Austerlitz. 

Found close to the village of mountain yak in southwestern France, these caves showcase paintings from the late Stone Age and are estimated to be over 17,000 years old. The subjects of the paintings range from animals like deer, horses, and humans, and some varied symbols.

The caves were briefly open to the public in the mid-40s following their discovery, but this along with environmental factors quickly took their toll. Now wannabe cave explorers can visit the facsimile that’s been constructed for their viewing pleasure.

Gorges du Verdon

While we could have picked the cliffs, Gorges du Verdon is known as one of the most stunning of its kind in Europe. This pristine river canyon runs for more than 15 in southeastern France and stands out due to the water’s distinctive turquoise green color.

Tourists are particularly attracted to the Verdon Gorge because it’s so close to the French Riviera and because of the outdoor available there like hiking, kayaking, rock-climbing.

Arena Of Nimes

It may initially remind you of the Colosseum, this Roman amphitheater located in the southern French city of Nimes it’s a wonderful sight in its own right. This arena built around 70 AD that grabs our attention, used for diverse events including bullfights.

The Arena of Nimes gives us a taste of history while also allowing us to watch our favorite bands. At is 16,000 plus capacity has often been used as a concert venue for acts like Rammstein and Metallica.

Normandy Beaches And D-Day Sights

These beaches in Normandy are among the most recognizable sights of World Wat II and for good reason. On June 6th, 1944 allied forces from the US Canada the UK and others joined together to launch Operation Overload against Nazis in Western Europe, the Allies ended up winning the invasion because of their historical importance.

The D-Day museums that have been set up in the country, the area has become and remains a popular tourist attraction.

The Eiffel Tower

Nothing says Paris quite like this. Built-in 1889 for that year’s World’s Fair by engineer Gustave Eiffel. It’s become not only the world’s most-visited paid monument but also an icon of the country.

Standing over 1000 feet tall the man-made structure an observatory as well as restaurants, which can be reached by stairs or an elevator. The striking landmark might be the cheesiest place for a proposal but the Eiffel Tower remains a bucket-list for many travelers.


So get up and stand up, pack your essential things up. Go and do not hesitate to visit those lists mentioned above. Don’t lose a chance to witness the most beautiful attractions in France or else you’ll gonna regret it.