Living room

The living room is the single room with the largest indoor area, and has the functions of rest place, meeting place, and movie viewing place. Therefore, the lighting design of the living room should be rich and diverse to meet different needs. Of course, this is not to say that the number of lamps is more, but to be able to design, look at the main points!

# 1. The light should also be divided into regions

The functions of the living room are diverse, and setting lights in different areas is very important for realizing regional functions. For example, the sofa area should have some lamps dedicated to the lighting of the sofa, and the coffee table should have lamps mainly responsible for the coffee table so that the subdivision can better control the atmosphere. Don’t turn on the lamps in the sofa area during the rest, only turn on the lights of the coffee table, which can create a lazy and relaxing environment.

# 2. Use wall lamps to create a three-dimensional effect

The lighting design should not be limited to the top surface. Facade lighting is also very important, which can increase the spatial level. Light strips on the facade, wall lights or floor lamps are good choices.

# 3 Set exclusive lights for artwork

Setting exclusive lights for murals or ornaments placed in the living room can instantly enhance the sense of high-level and exquisiteness in the living room, and also allow the artwork to instantly attract the attention of others.


# 4. Avoid using too bright and dazzling lights

Warm bedroom lights can relax people and make it easier to calm down and fall asleep. On the contrary, too bright lights can easily stimulate the brain. It is recommended to choose lamps with a color temperature of 3000K-4000K(LOHAS LED e26 bulbs).

# 5. Pay attention to glare and avoid direct light when lying down

The bed is the longest active place in the bedroom. The design of the bedside lighting should pay attention to the problem of glare to avoid the discomfort caused by direct light when lying down.

# 6. Choose high color rendering lights

Bedrooms often carry the function of changing clothes, so be sure to choose lamps with a high color rendering index, which can better restore the color of clothing and provide convenience for daily selection and matching of clothing.


# 7. Install small lamps

The kitchens in today’s residences are generally not too large. With more kitchen cabinets, the kitchen area is more crowded than other spaces. At this time, it is not recommended to use larger lamps, which will lower the height of the space and cause depression. The small volume of light does not take up space and is more suitable for kitchen use.

# 8. Set key lighting in the operation area

For better storage and easy operation, the layout of the kitchen is generally three-dimensional, and it is prone to areas where the ceiling light is blocked. Therefore, for the operation platform covered by cabinets or racks above, the key local lighting fixtures should be set.

Dining room

# 9. Set exclusive lamps in the dining area

The use time of the restaurant is relatively short, but the lighting design of the restaurant affects the look and feel of the food and the atmosphere of the environment, thereby affecting the mood and appetite during the meal.

In addition to basic lighting, exclusive lamps are needed above the dining table, which not only satisfies the illumination requirements of the dining table but also avoids the shadows on the face of the diners, while also giving the restaurant more atmosphere. If you want to be more romantic, you can just turn on the lamps above the dining table to render the dining atmosphere.


# 10. Choose bright lights

The bathroom is prone to water accumulation, so the lighting must be bright enough to let people see the water accumulation on the ground, toilets and cleaning supplies, to avoid stepping on and slipping.

# 11. Install lamps on the back or front of the makeup mirror

The lighting design of the makeup mirror area should not install the lamp on the top or back of the person. This can effectively avoid the shadow of the face caused by the black under the lamp. You can consider installing a light belt on the back of the makeup mirror or installing a lamp on the front of the makeup mirror to supplement Light.

# 12. Choose moisture-proof and durable lamp products

The toilet is connected to the bathroom, the water mist is large, and it is relatively humid. Therefore, choose a lamp with a high IP protection level to prevent moisture and rust and ensure the life of the lamp.