A good number of students these days are interested to join medical science stream to earn big and to serve fellow human beings. This is one stream that is regarded to be a huge arena filled with diverse options and sections. As an individual falls sick, he/she is treated by the general physician and is given immediate medical treatment. The patient is also examined thoroughly to understand better the cause for the ailment to occur. In case, the medical practitioner is not able to understand the internal issues that have taken place or if the medication level that is initially given does not respond, then lab tests are recommended to confirm the presence of any disease. On completion of proper investigation according to given recommendations, the treatment is provided by the specialized doctor to ensures a quick recovery and getting relief. 

Role of the Lab Technician

In order to do away with the ailment, there will be an essential appropriate health investigation. It is the lab technician who is in a better position to provide the proper and timely help. He/she will extract from the patient’s body the sample and preserve it properly and ensure it is safe from the vulnerabilities of the atmosphere as well as to evaluate it for analysis. This is possible only if the person has undergone dmlt course, which is diploma certification in the field of medical lab technology. It enables the candidate to imbibe knowledge and expertise to carry out the duties in the medical lab. 

What does the syllabus include?

This course includes essential topics clinical biochemistry, blood banking, general pharmacology, infection control, medical microbiology, storage & transportation of samples, fine-needle aspiration procedure, basic pathology & diagnostic techniques, managing special samples, cleaning & maintenance of lab equipment, supply chain, and material management, NABL training & quality control, chain management, etc. The curriculum has been designed to make the candidate to be aware of the crucial aspects involved in this field. But to gain better education and knowledge, the candidate will be required to undergo the course only from a reputed and well-established college. 

It is equally important for the candidate to find out the eligibility factor to apply and undergo the dmlt course. This will actually help the trainee to have a better understanding of the course. Besides the eligibility factors, even affordability does play a crucial role, when it comes to selecting the course and the college to study from. Fortunately, with affordable fees, the course can be availed by all students irrespective of their economic background. The course also requires the candidate to attend on-job training for a specified time-frame to gain practical first-hand knowledge of the work involved and to work under the stringent supervision of a qualified and experienced supervisor. 

Job description

The lab technician is undoubtedly the key person who is responsible to extract sample taken from the patient’s body in a painless manner and to store the same properly for evaluation purposes, which is quite challenging. Next, the sample is to be analysed in the lab and report prepared accurately, which will be used by the concerned doctor to provide advanced treatment and medication, as deemed fit. If the lab technician makes any mistake, then the report and the treatment provided will also not be correct, only causing more pain and harm to the patient, who is already suffering from a disease or ailment.