Well, if you are starting a YouTube Channel, it is certainly not just for knowledge, and education. Each one of us who steps into any type of online or offline business is involved for the purpose of earning money.

It can be you, me, or anyone else. No one can run a business without any profit. Therefore, the clear answer that makes it mandatory to have a higher number of views on YouTube is monetization.

However, it does not mean at all that you require you to Buy YouTube Views to get traffic over your channel. You can even make your content and channel so strong that you get the audience naturally. 

All you would require is a bit of extra effort and consistency to get the extra views.

YouTube Views and Monetisation Requirements:

Well, with the higher number of channels introduced each day on YouTube, it has become greatly essential to give space to the quality channel and shortlist the content that is not effective. For that, just like Google, YouTube also keeps updating its algorithm. 

There are still a number of users who think that they can Buy YouTube Views, increase the number of viewers, and can list amongst the top channels in the searches of YouTube. Well, if it was so easy anyone of us would spend a few thousand to make millions and billions. 

To avoid spam, YouTube has made the process of monetization from the channel a bit more specific. One has to get a higher number of views on the channel, but there are certain specifications for the same.

  • The viewers for your channel should not leave the video within 30 seconds.
  • It should not be a loop of a watch from a single user, or else YouTube would not count it as multiple views.
  • Only the higher numbers of viewers will not work. If you want to start monetizing from your channel, you have to get a minimum of 1,000 subscribers in a year.
  • Apart from that, the number of watch hours on your channel should be a minimum of 4,000 hours a year. Therefore, no matter what is the count of your viewers, if you do not have the required number of watch hours, you are not eligible for earning through your channel.
  • If you are not opting for increasing your organic search volume and planning to Buy YouTube Views, then all your viewers should be real and not the bots. If your channel is pointed to getting the artificial views, your channel would have a bad score and can affect the ranking in the future.

No wonder, you require a higher number of views for monetization of your YouTube channel, else you can neither have a number of watch hours nor subscribers, but make sure you have the right audience.

In a Nutshell:

Your focus should to not only complete the number of subscribers, viewers, and watch time on YouTube. You should rather plan for popularisation. 

Nake links, and maximizing your earnings from your channel.