All you need to know about the Kharkiv State Zoo Veterinary Academy

Zoo Veterinary Academy

Veterinary practitioners are the ones who treat animal diseases and injuries, prescribes treatment, performs surgery, and provide medical advice to pet owners. Becoming a vet requires working long hours and this can be challenging. However, this profession can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling for those who are interested to know about animal health and treat them.

Why choose Ukraine for veterinary education?

Ukraine is very well known for its quality of education at an affordable fee structure whether it’s studying MBBS in Ukraine or pursuing Veterinary education. 

  • It takes six years to complete a master’s degree in veterinary medicine.
  • It is not required to qualify for the NEET exam.
  • FMGE or any other exam is not necessary to practice veterinary in India after graduation.
  • After completing the course, graduates can practice in India, Gulf, and European countries without attending any exam.
  • Ukrainian universities offer world-class infrastructure.
  • After graduating from Ukraine you will get direct registration in VCI.
  • Many students travel to Ukraine to pursue higher education. The Veterinary Council has recognized Ukraine’s top universities including the Kharkiv State Zoo Veterinary Academy.

Kharkiv State Zoo Veterinary Academy is a top veterinary school in Ukraine known for its quality of education. It was established in 1851. It has students from over 78 countries, including India, Poland, Mongolia, Nigeria, Ghana, and Eastern European countries. There are about 30 departments at the university. The university provides opportunities for students to work in veterinary clinics, animal breeding centers, meat processing factories, and veterinary hygiene laboratories. The organization’s structure comprises two divisions, Veterinary and Zootechnics.

Eligibility criteria for studying in the Kharkiv State Zoo Veterinary Academy of Ukraine are:

  • Candidates must pass 50% in 12th. Candidates must have Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and English as a core subject in 12th.
  • Candidates must be above 17 years of age and under 25 years of age at the date of application.

Following are the documents required for the admission and visa processing:

  • 10th Mark Sheet,
  • 12th Mark Sheet
  • Birth Certificate (in English)
  • Passport for identity proof
  • Invitation letter from the University
  • Passport size photographs
  • Enrollment form
  • School transfer certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • Police Verification Certificate

Kharkiv State Zoo Veterinary Academy Admission Process

Applicants must follow these below steps for a hassle-free admission process to Kharkiv State Zoo Veterinary Academy 

  • Candidates must complete the application form including full name, permanent address, date of birth, citizenship, permanent address, and phone number.
  • Cross-check the details before submitting the form.
  • Applicants must apply for a student visa at the Ukrainian embassy in their country after receiving an invitation letter from the University.
  • Candidates must have original documents translated into the Ukrainian language and get them legalized by a notary public and the Ukrainian embassy in their home country.
  • Candidates must pay the first-year admission fee during the admissions process.

Recognition and accreditation:

  • Board of Veterinary Medicine (VCI is recognized by the Veterinary Academy of the Khiziv State Zoo).
  • Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Benefits of Studying at Kharkiv State Zoo Veterinary Academy

  • When compared with the other European universities, Kharkiv State Zoo Veterinary University offers high-quality education with a reasonable fee structure.
  • As far as admission is concerned, no entrance exams are required, thus, the admission process is quite simple and easy.
  • The university is situated in Kharkiv, one of the biggest cities in Ukraine.
  • Kharkiv is known as the students’ city, as there are many universities located in the City.
  • The international students have a lot of opportunities to study, take a walk in beautiful parks, enjoy cultural events, and enjoy students’ life in the best way.
  • The courses are available both in English and Ukrainian languages, making it easier for international students to understand the subject better.
  • The university provides its students with all the opportunities for full-fledged professional growth and personal development.

Veterinary programs in Ukraine are popular among Indian and international students. Most students from around the world travel to Ukraine to study veterinary courses at the Kharkiv State Zoo’s Veterinary Academy. Not only for veterinary but also for MBBS Ukraine is the most preferred destination for international aspirants.

If you have any questions related to the university, it is best to seek advice from an overseas education consultant so that you can be aware of the in-depth information of the university or country, such as fee structure, admission/enrollment process, and course duration. However, candidates can choose to pursue any degree in the medical field like MBBS in Russia, the Philippines, Germany, or any top foreign country. 

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