Clothes Dryer Repairing

In our daily regular life, we are highly dependent on technical appliances for doing our jobs easier. A clothes dryer is one of the most used appliances for household works. The regular usages of the machine reduce its value and start to give technical issues that increase the operational time of the machine.

Thus, this post is to give you all the useful instructions about dryer repair at the home. Before starting the repair process, make sure to stop the electric power supply to the washing machine by removing plugs from the switches.

Dryer repairing instant actions

Here are some problems that you can face with the dryer, along with their solutions: 

Problem 1: The dryer is not starting

  • Check whether the dryer is plugged in properly or not.
  • Check the thermal fuse in the dryer control panel.
  • Many times, the thermal fuse gets damaged due to overheating.
  • Check whether the Dryer’s door switch has not broken. If broken, replace them. Clean the contact areas of the switch by alcohol with the help of cotton.
  • If the switches and thermal fuse are all right, the dryer is executing the function of heating properly, but the drum is not able to relate that function of heating, check the rubber belt that maintains the connectivity of the motor to the drum. If it is broken or got loose, it is easy to exchange and fix it.

Problem 2: Dryer Runs but Doesn’t Get Heated

  • If the dryer is getting stopped within 5 minutes of the period, the problem can be with the thermal resistor.
  • Try to replace the thermal fuse but before that have a glance whether the power supply was proper or not, the switch is properly plugged in or not. If everything is fine, adopt the procedure of exchanging thermal fuse.

Problem 3: Dryer makes weird or unpleasant noises

  • Just have a quick some of the smart checks such as make sure whether you have not put some hard metal things with clothes, check whether the clothes are put in the properly balanced layer by removing the folds, check whether the dryer is not overloaded. 
  • If still the problem doesn’t meet the solution, it might be a technical issue with the drum. In that case, contact the dryer repair technician to prevent further damage to the machine.

Problem 4: Dryer taking longer time and excessive power

  • You can face this issue when your lint filter is full of dust and the air is not passing properly.
  • After using the dryer, clean the machine drum to remove all the unwanted waste and particles out of dryer sheets.
  • After adopting these precautions might your dryer start functioning. If not, contact the dryer repair technician. 

Problem 5: The final “To Do” Thing

  • If you have tried everything by your side and still the problem has not vanished, try to find solutions in the manual book of the dryer machine. Also, you can visit the manufacturer’s website and post your query there. 
  • After trying all the possible things, give a call to the dryer repair center and contact the technician. 

Security keys while repairing dryer at Home

  • Make sure, while working on dryer repair, the electric power connection is broken down to the repairing dryer. 
  • If you connect the dryer with the electric power to have a check on its functions, do not touch the dryer while it is in contact with electricity.
  • If the dryer’s parts are connected with loose materials such as screws, bolts, plugs, etc. you can try it. However, if the parts are connected through welds, instead of giving a try, just take the help of a dryer repair professional.
  • Many times repairing any damaged part repeatedly can increase the risk of heavy damage and also it is not safe, so it’s better to change the whole part with a new one.


Above are tips useful in gaining the techniques to perform dryer repair at the home. If still you have doubts or facing another problem than the above-mentioned problems, you must call an appliance repair service provider. 

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