Hilarious Pranks in Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants

The animated series featuring the people’s favorite sea sponge has continuously gained popularity since its release in 1999. The long-running show has made people love Spongebob and his friends’ antics for several generations. Now, the show even has spin-offs like Kamp Koral and The Patrick Star Show, along with several films and video games. 

With each episode of witty lines and unique plots, Spongebob Squarepants never fails to make the audience smile and laugh. Among the jokes and sometimes absurd situations, another funny part of the series includes the main characters’ pranks. Being a prank enthusiast himself, Spongebob explores the world of pranking by playing some harmless fun on his Bikini Bottom friends and sometimes even being the prank victim. Let’s look back on some of the show’s funniest and most memorable pranks. 

Artist of the Month, Mr. Tentacles

One of the episodes dedicated to the fun of doing pranks is the one called “Fools in April.” And what better way to start this episode than by pranking Spongebob’s beloved neighbor, Squidward?

Squidward starts his day and immediately gets in a sour mood when he finds out it is April Fool’s Day, also Spongebob’s favorite holiday. So he calls Krusty Krab and tells Mr. Krabs that he cannot go to work because he “caught sight of the calendar.” Mr. Krabs, however, informs him that an art dealer wants to purchase Squidward’s artwork and will name him “artist of the month.” Finally having the opportunity he’s longed to have, Squidward hurriedly drops the call and rushes to Krusty Krab. 

He enters Mr. Krabs’ office, dressed in a complete artist of the month outfit, only to find Mr. Krabs and Spongebob giggling. Spongebob informs him that the art dealer had just left and leans in to say that this dealer wanted to tell Squidward “April Fools.” 

Besides the prank, the funny part of this entire thing (at least for the audience) is Squidward’s reaction. He stares blankly for a bit, then proceeds to remove his hat. He then smiles, saying, “Well, it’s been nice working here. Thanks for everything, Mr. Krabs,” as he walks away. 

Squidward’s confession 

Of course, the pranks do not stop there since it is an episode dedicated to April Fool’s Day. After a series of harmless pranks pulled by Spongebob, Squidward decides to get back at Spongebob by making him the prank victim. He sets an elaborate prank, but it goes too far as it harms and embarrasses Spongebob.

After feeling incredibly guilty, especially with how Bikini Bottom residents reacted, Squidward tries to talk to Spongebob by visiting his house. He tries to make his way in and find a way for Spongebob to speak with him, but the latter ignores him and finds creative ways to avoid Squidward.

Since Squidward is not used to apologizing, he finds other methods and desperate ways to express his apology, including sending a note in a bottle and wearing a bubble where he can say sorry – both of which do not work the way he intends them to. Eventually, Squidward genuinely apologizes, admitting he likes Spongebob and everyone in Bikini Bottom. He then tells Spongebob not to tell anyone else about it, and Spongebob promises to do so. However, Spongebob fully opens the door to his pineapple home and reveals everyone behind him, with them collectively shouting “April Fools!” Squidward, looking shocked, tries to recover that he is actually the one pranking them and laughs it off, running back to his house. 

This one’s a more elaborate prank than the first one, but it was fun to see a different side of Squidward for the Bikini Bottom residents and the audience. 

Girls’ Night Out

In this episode, Karen, Mrs. Puff, and Sandy hang out and have fun together. Karen and Mrs. Puff mainly express their frustrations towards Plankton and Spongebob, respectively. The three then decide to pull pranks on these two. 

For Plankton, they use a disguise to make him think Mr. Krabs is finally giving him the secret formula. Plankton goes to Krusty Krab to get this formula, only for the restaurant’s alarm to sound off. The real Mr. Krabs then arrives, and they fight. The three girls laugh outside the Krusty Krab as they watch the two. 

They then decide to prank Spongebob. They sneak into his house, bring a sleeping Spongebob outside, and make him wear a virtual reality helmet. As Spongebob awakens, he’s made to believe that he gets his driver’s license and even gets to drive a boat, which in reality is just a shopping cart. 

Things don’t go as planned in the episode, but it was nice seeing Spongebob being the one pranked for a change and accepting it as a pranks enthusiast.  

Chickenbob Squarepants

There are tons of Spongebob memes circulating the internet. One of the most popular ones is the mocking Spongebob meme, but have you ever wondered where this meme is from? 

It’s actually from an episode called “Little Yellow Book.” In this episode, Squidward finds Spongebob’s diary. He reads aloud an entry that says, “When Spongebob sees plaid, he has the uncontrollable urge to cluck like a chicken.” Mr. Krabs hears the word “plaid” and jumps out from behind the counter to reveal that he’s wearing a kilt that he just got. Squidward then finds this a good opportunity to call Spongebob and asks him what he thinks of Mr. Krabs’ plaid outfit. Just as the diary is revealed, Spongebob begins to act and cluck like a chicken. 

One of the frames during Spongebob’s “chicken reaction” is the basis of the popular meme. It’s a simple and quick prank, but it remains a favorite because of the show’s witty delivery and Spongebob’s hilarious look. 

Invisible Spongebob and Patrick

Another episode dedicated to the concept of pranks is the one called “Pranks a Lot.” Spongebob and Patrick go to a prank shop and take an interest in an invisible spray. They decide to prank people using this, but they get into a punny argument where they take turns spraying each other until they both turn entirely invisible. The first fight about it but realize how they can prank people into thinking they’re ghosts after seeing a reaction of a resident fish. 

At one point, they decide to prank Mr. Krabs, pretending like they’re ghosts who have come to haunt him. Mr. Krabs initially says he’s not scared of ghosts and even showcases his ridiculous anti-ghost outfit. However, all this falls apart when he instantly gets terrified when “ghost” Spongebob and Patrick scare Mr. Krabs around the Krusty Krab, preventing him from leaving and cornering him in the bathroom. Their final trick involves supposedly burning a dollar. However, a terrified Mr. Krabs splashes water to snuff the fire, only for the water to wash down the invisible ink, revealing a naked Spongebob and Patrick. 

The prank is funny for Spongebob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs when he foils their trick. However, watching how absurd the entire thing unfolded was also fun for the audience. 

Texas in Bikini Bottom

This one’s a bit different in that the prank isn’t precisely done to have a few laughs. In fact, the reason behind it is a bit heartwarming. In the episode “Texas,” Sandy begins to miss her hometown and expresses how sad she is because of it. After singing a song (that makes Bikini Bottom residents emotional), Spongebob and Patrick decide to throw a party for Sandy to cheer her up.

Spongebob tries to get Sandy to go to Krusty Krab, but she rides a bus to return to Texas instead. After seeing the badmouthing Texas was enough to stir Sandy’s attention to them, the two exchange insults about Texas, making Sandy angrier and getting her to stay. Patrick and Spongebob run away, and Sandy chases them all the way to the Krusty Krab. She uses her lasso to catch Spongebob and pull him to her while he’s grabbing Krusty Krab’s front door. This causes the entire front part of the restaurant to break, revealing the surprise Texas party for Sandy. 

It’s a cute practical joke that makes Sandy realize that Bikini Bottom is her new and true home. 

Try doing your own pranks!

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