How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Laser Hair Removal Cost

Interested in laser hair removal and wondering how much does laser hair removal cost?

Well, that depends on a lot of factors. What part of your body do you want hair removed from? Where do you live? How dark or thick is your hair? The answers to all of these questions will influence how much you’ll pay for laser hair removal.

First, you should know what laser hair removal is all about. It’s a non-surgical cosmetic procedure where a laser pulses through the skin and is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles. Some people have hair removed from their face, while others use this technique for larger parts of their bodies. It works on people with all skin and hair colors, though the best results are generally seen on people with light skin and dark hair.

What most people like best about laser hair removal is that it’s fairly permanent, destroying approximately 80 percent of hairs. So, though it is very likely you will have to have maintenance sessions, the hairs in treated areas usually grow back lighter and finer.

So now that you know what it is, the big question is: how much does laser hair removal cost? Here are the top determining factors:

Area of the body

Costs for removing hair from areas of the face, including the upper lip or chin, average around $50 for one session. Other small areas of the body, such as the bikini line or the underarms, are more expensive, coming in at around $200 to $500 per treatment (the reason for this discrepancy is discussed below). The largest areas, such as legs or back, cost the most, with price estimates ranging from $500 to $900.

Number of treatments

Usually, laser hair removal clients need multiple treatments. The exact number depends on skin and hair color, as well as the area being treated. As a general rule, four to six treatments get the job done. Treatments are usually done four to six weeks apart.

Type of Clinic

As laser technology is becoming more readily available, spas and walk-in clinics are offering laser hair removal that is less costly than at other locations. If you can find a certified physician who offers less expensive procedures in one of these locations, chances are good that the treatment will be safe and effective. If the spa doesn’t employ a certified physician, it’s worth it to pay more elsewhere to ensure safety and high quality.

Where You Live

As with many things, costs vary widely in different regions of the country. People living in urban areas will likely pay more for the procedure than those living in the country.

The best advice is to consult a physician to get the most accurate price estimate for the situation. An in-person consultation is often the only way to get an exact quote.

The answer to the question “How much does laser hair removal cost?” is obviously tricky to determine, but expect to spend at least hundred, if not thousands of dollars in total. It can be a worthwhile investment, though, if you want to get rid of your hair once and for all.

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