Discover the hidden trails across the America

hidden trails

Hiking can almost be a meditating experience for those who’re passionate about it. A day by yourself with nature can teach you more than you can ever0 learn living in the concrete jungle. It can easily be an experience you will never forget and while the Appalachian Trail is pretty fantastic, the US has much more to offer than that.

Being the 3rd largest country by area, which means it has plenty of opportunities to take on the outdoors that’s not crowded with thousands of people and can truly let you be with yourself. These gems would have been hard to find; however, go through the below list and thank Gautam Goyal later to treat you with the information.

White Cloud Mountain: Situated in Custer county, Idaho, this is a 32 miles ski trail in beautiful Rocky mountains. Although the popular peaks such as the Sawtooth Mountains usually comes first to attention, this lesser-known range offers equal opportunities for scenic long-distance treks. Camping is permitted anywhere on the national forest and there are no fees to access the area. Today, it’s a haven for any hiker as well as animal lovers to catch a glimpse of the elks, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, black bears, and gray wolves.

Mount Olomana: Going straight from the wild-wild west to Hawaii, this one is considered difficult on the hiking skill level. Located near Kailua, this is a relatively newly discovered hike. The highest peak is about 1643 feet and it gives you a serene view and a chance to get your head above the clouds. 😉

Southern Tetons: It’s at Grand Teton National Park in Jackson, WY. A difficult trail that also has a scary name. However, this makes sure that you get away from the crowd and land directly into nature’s lap. It provides spectacular views of the Teton spires and you can make friends with Elks and moose grazing around. Lost into the panoramic views of canyons, mountains, and hosts of wildflowers.

Siyeh Bend to Logan Pass: If you’re looking for your next desktop wallpaper, this trail is the one for you. Montana has many great trails and this one is located near Kalispell. A difficult but less-trodden trail, it is part of Glacier National Park. You have a great chance to build a camp at the site and be surrounded by waterfalls. In between, you can spot some wildlife, too. You should be cautious about the bears that are known to make an appearance on this trail but on the upside, you get a free shuttle service that allows you to resupply after 65 miles.

Big Woods Trail: This 1.5-mile trail will let you walk in the footsteps of the American Indians and the ravine system. Considered a difficult trail, it ends with an observation tower that provides dreamy views of the Forest Glen Preserve. The area has many other paths for backpackers, day-hikers, and specially-abled people. One of the favorites of the travel bug, Gautam Goyal, this trail is perfect to catch scenic views with peace.

Meramec Wilderness Trail: If you want to realize your woodland dream, this is the place for you. On this trail, you will be accompanied by many furry and feathered friends such as Deer, Turkeys, and Squirrels! This hike is considered moderately difficult but it’s the longest in Meramec State Park. You’ll be in paradise with amazing caves, springs, bluffs, glades, and rock ledges all around you. You can either choose to complete it all at once but it’s a well-maintained trail so camping overnight wouldn’t be so bad too.

Walking Dunes Nature Trail: Here’s an easy one. A lightly-trafficked, looped trail is beats for those who love beaches and adventures. It’s a peaceful and protected area of long-island that lets you do more than just catching rays and looking at waves. Different territories make it interesting. You can trek over dunes from the shoreline and then through neighboring forest and marshland for stunning views of the East End.

Now that you have landed a list of these trails, pack your gears, catch a bus and start your adventure. It.

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