Eye-catching bridal gowns Ideas for the Bride to Be

Eye-catching bridal gowns

During a wedding, guests tend to pay close attention to the bride and groom. Dressing up properly for a wedding is considered to be crucial for the newly-weds as well as the guests. However, more attention is given to the bride’s dress rather than the groom’s. Mothers and grandmothers take pride in how their daughters dress up for this memorable day. Considering that this day will come only once in your lifetime, it is crucial for you to get the best wedding dress available. In case you’re not sure about which bridal gown will best suit you, don’t worry. In this article, you will be able to go through the best jaw-dropping wedding dresses, which will make your decision easier.

What is the significance of bridal gowns?

Other than the fact that bridal gowns make a woman look absolutely ravishing, these dresses have a historical significance behind them. In the olden days, wedding dresses represented how rich and wealthy the family of the bride was. In those days, instead of spending a fortune on a wedding dress, most brides typically wore the most exquisite dress that used to hang in their closet. And unlike standard white gowns that are worn today, in the olden days, black gowns were mostly worn. However, there were a few colors that were avoided by women. For instance, the color green represented misfortune and bad luck.

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Bridal gown themed invitation cards 

You have most probably heard about wedding invitation cards here and there, but have you heard about bridal gown-themed invitation cards? Unlike standard cards used for wedding invitations, bridal gown-themed invitation cards give a more modern and appealing look. These cards are literally shaped in the form of a bridal gown, which is then used for standard wedding invitations or as an engagement party invite. You can get these cards either ready-made or custom-made. However, these cards are, of course, not necessary for a wedding. You can have them made just to add a little spark to your wedding plan.

Photo of a Bridal Gown

All you should know about buying your next wedding dress.

As soon as you hand out the engagement party invite to your relatives and friends, the next step for you is to go dress shopping. The next time you go shopping for a wedding dress, make sure you take your time and browse through all the options available. If it helps, consider taking a close friend or your sister with you. They will help you in figuring out which dress will be the right fit for you. Remember not to get a wedding dress that is too tight. Otherwise, it will be very uncomfortable to wear during the main event. Similarly, getting a dress that is too loose will also not look good on you. Also, remember to purchase a wedding dress that best suits the season. If you plan to get married during hotter seasons, make sure that the dress you buy is made of pure cotton. Pure cotton lets your skin breathe and keeps you comfortable throughout the day.

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Bridal gowns you can get based on your body type

Very often, ladies can get a little impatient while trying on wedding dresses and, in doing so, get the wrong size. Before you go dress shopping, make sure to take your measurements and figure out your body type. If you’re not sure about your body type, you can make a quick assessment of which wedding dress will suit you based on the options given below. 

  1. Rectangle: if your body measurements are mostly equal, starting from your waist all the way to your hips, it is highly likely that your body type is rectangular shaped. This means that you’ll require a silhouette than can show your notable curves. For such body measurement, it is recommended that you get a Sheath style body-hugging.
  2. Hourglass: The hourglass body type reflects equal measurements of the chest and waist. This means that you have a very defined and curved waist. The wedding dress appropriate for such a body type a body-hugging mermaid
  3. Inverted triangle: This body structure comprises a broader chest and big shoulders and narrow legs and hips. Due to a wider top, it is recommended that you go for a ball-gown or an A-line.


Conclusively, it is recommended that you get a wedding dress that suits your body type. However, if you still cannot get a dress that perfectly suits you, consider buying a size that is greater than the size you were going to buy previously. Other than that, you should be able to make your decision easier with the help of a few tips given above.

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